inFamous 2. What the %$#! happened!?

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I bought it and i havent made a thread like this in a while. Was thinking of doing a Wii Play Motion one.

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Hey, I did my part and bought it. Point fingers at everyone else.

4 ≈ One

Just bought it today and put in a few hours already, loving it so far.

adriane23 said:
PullusPardus said:

i have the game, but i stopped playing it after i got to the city, does it get any better from there? because its kinda boring.

besides i only got it , so i can put it off for "Later" , i have other games to play.

I did the same thing. And yes, it gets better imo. It's a whole lot better than the first one.

thats good, because i liked the first one a lot.

Idk I bought it and it is vastly superior than the first. Can't wait for the 3rd if they decide to make it.

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It's selling just as good as the original, which went on to sell 2 million (which doesn't include digital downloads in either case). inFAMOUS 2 will be fine and is doing fine.


Everyone who didn't buy the game might as well sell their PS3, because if you don't even enjoy this fantastic game, you are not worthy of owning a PS3.

On a more serious note:
Look on the bright side: it will probably have sold 70k units in Japan in just 10 weeks. Infamous 1 needed 112 weeks  to reach 70k units.

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I will pick this game up some time in the future

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"inFamous 2. What the %$#! happened?!"


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