PS VITA Screen not as good as Apple Retina Display....WHY???

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PizzaFaceGamer said:

My friend who has an iPhone claims RETINA is the best in the world

There's your problem!

I bolded and underlined the most important words.

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smbu2000 said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
the people from gametrailers, shane and the others have said that this screen is the best on the market, i believe them ...

Are they talking about "portable game machines" (PSP, 3ds, etc.) or including smartphones as well?

they mention iphone and sai it´s way better than the 3ds.

check invisible walls, is a good show .


I seem to remember articles comparing the Samsung Omnia or the Samsung Galaxy S screens against the i4 and although technically the i4 had an edge it was not always clear cut when using it in everyday situations.

In fact the real benefit I recall would seem to be the higher pixel count giving the i4 the nod when reading text although I am sure this only really works when you make side by side comparisons, I certainly have no difficulty reading text on my Omnia for example.

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