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Ok. Where is all the news on The Conduit 2? I have seen no commercials, no reviews, no nothing. Supposedly some website in the UK gave it a 7.5, but that is all I have found. Luckily I saw a user video on youtube, and that is how I found out it was even out.

This game isn't even on the pre-order chart on this site! With GE and COD: BO over 2 million combines I would think this would be kind of a big game.



What is Nintendo doing this year? Besides the 3DS.

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Conduit 2 isn't that big a story.    It's only really relevant because it's on Wii and currently there's nothing else out on Wii.    It just came out, I'm sure reviews will be out shortly.

BTW:  There's no 'The' in 'Conduit 2'


Portal and Mortal Kombat is coming out today (I think).

The net is alive with Wii 2 rumours.

Conduit 2 is somewhere in the background while this is all happening.

Well, being the big hype game certainly doesn't mean the game isn't any good. Anyone here actually play it yet? I liked the first one OK, but I'm not a FPS fan at all, so I'm pretty weary of Conduit 2. While I don't care or need any of the hype, a few more reviews out there would be nice.


Hoping to either get it this week or in the coming weeks.

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They are reviewing MK9 and Portal 2 first..  No wonder we don't hear about Conduit 2...


I can see why it isn't front page news on most sites but that doesn't explain the complete lack of any advertising whatsoever on SEGA's part.  I mean the first one had a decent advertising campaign (budget wise) but I haven't seen or heard anything about this game from SEGA.  That's just... odd.

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Portal 2 is currently becoming one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time and Mortal Kombat is going through a revival of epic proportions, I don't think the media has time for Conduit 2. Hope it works out for y'all though, that Conduit team needs a break at some point.

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Same reasons as above, really.

Expect more info soon though. And ONM gave it 87%, calling it "a vast improvement over the original, and can now take that which it aimed for with the first game" or something like that...


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I feel kinda sorry for TC2 team, although Portal and MK arnt on Wii, they're still competing for news, they must have known launching on the same day as those 2 epic games was a bad idea???

Also, for smaller sites that have  or 2 reviewers, playing MK and Portal ... then going to Conduit .. it's not going to help it look impressive.