Bulletstorm. Best FPS this gen. Yeah. I said it.

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I enjoyed it a lot but by no means is it the best fps this year never mind gen.

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Love it or hate it, the best FPS this generation is COD 4.

Khuutra said:
michael_stutzer said:

Best FPS of 2011 developed by People Can Fly, sure.

If this is better than Painkiller then I need to pick this up yesterday.

Sorry fixed.

zgamer5 said:
wholikeswood said:
selnor said:

Something happened. I had bought, played, finished and loved Crysis 2.

My wife for whatever reason bought me Bulletstorm 2 days agao.

Wow. Pure wow.


I call bullshit on this - it's not even been announced yet.


its bought me bulletstorm, 2 days ago.

ElGranCabeza said:

Love it or hate it, the best FPS this generation is COD 4.

You forgot "IMO".

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selnor said:

It's quite disturbing and funny that I am alone on this. LOL.

But I genuinely think this about Bulletstorm. I never in a million years expected it when I put the disc in.

Story doesnt matter, and there is no need to take it slow or choose said stealth option etc.

In a world of games trying to be realistic, especially in the FPS genre it's refreshing to play a game that goes out of it's way to be a game. Just pure fun, like the original Doom or Duke Nukem 3d.

It seems to exist just to make you smile.

I love it. And I'm not at all sorry I do. I'll say again. I think it's better than any other shooter this gen. Including Half Life 2 and Reach.

You have somehow intrigued me...

leatherhat said:
LordMatrix said:
leatherhat said:
LordMatrix said:
leatherhat said:

Its not even the best this year

That would be Crysis 2 so far.

Crysis 2 is a joke and a massive disappointment. Not unlike bulletstorm. Its certainly no painkiller.

Crysis 2 was awesome  and is FPS of the Year thus far. Story was great but got a little unusual towards the end but keeps you griped to your seat all the way through, the graphics are jaw dropping, the AI..while not the best out there is still better than most, the gameplay is pretty nicely balanced and being able to switch your abilities on a whim and use them as you please for tackling obstacles was well thought out. Oh and how about the fact it also has one of the longest FPS single player campaign in a good while.

How can you call that a massive dissapointment?? 

Even with Duke Nukem Forever, FEAR 3, Resistance 3, The Darkness 2, Battlefield 3 and so on still aimed for release this year... I don`t see many of those titles likely surpassing Crysis 2 as the best FPS of the Year.

Did you play the first one? Or warhead?

I own Crysis on my PC and have not played Warhead but want to get it soon. Playing through Crysis again on my pc right now. Playing Crysis 2 gave me an urge to play it again.

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I'm a HUGE FPS fan, and I almost agree with you on this, this is one of the best FPS's out there in terms of pure fun.  The story is nothing, BUT the character design is great, both Ishi and the main char(forgot his name) was made into someone with real character, not just some card board cut out heros/villians. The game mechanic design was top TOP notch.

osamanobama said:

boring, 4 hour campain

terrible online

played it at a friends house and beat it in one sitting

'nough said

its only boring because they removed the whips. Thats because this generation is so hellbent on using P2P servers which would lag like hell.

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