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That game is awesome, I'm playing it right now and it's the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time.  Other than Fallout 3 it's my favorite game I've played on the 360, definitely one of the best exclusives.  It's like playing an action thriller/horror movie and novel at the same time.  When I started playing it I thought "Wow THIS is how you tell a story!"

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RolStoppable said:

It's still a sales flop in my eyes. Weren't they working on the game for like five years?

Now before you jump on me for calling a game that sells one million copies a flop, I'd like to remind you that I consider Super Mario Galaxy a flop as well.

It's alright, I consider GT5 a Flop too and it has sold over 5 million copies. I don't consider SMG a flop because not only did it live up to it hype for BOTH games, but they also sold millions as well. I also consider Epic Mickey a flop.

Great game.  It truly deserves more sales.

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