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News just came out that there is an new studio for activison now working on call of duty called beachhead not long after axing guitar hero and true crime hong kong games.

Beachhead will be working on the digital content side of call of duty (most likely figuring an way for pay to play) 

Beachhead joins 4 other studios also working on call of duty titles: Infinity ward, Treyarch, Raven Software and Sledgehammer games 


Actvision has cut many of its studios lately and it seems that now most of them are working on call of duty. 

This could be not so well for activison if call of duty is to some how have franchise fagitue and not sell well could cause alot of problems at activison. 

2 call of duty games an year is going to happen. 

this isn't an case of milking the cow, it seems that activison may be killing it then selling its meat. 

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this may be very bad for activision in the long run. Activision needs to remember that it takes just one games that becomes more popular than call of duty and its all over.

They are going to milk it to its death :-



dany612 said:

They are going to milk it to its death :-

Nonsense, they've done just fine putting out yearly iterations of Tony Hawk Guitar Hero Call of Duty so far; why would that change?

Milk it to the death indeed. Loved MW2 (my first COD game), played MW1 single player and it was great too. Also bought Black Ops as the marketing got to me. Not saying it is a bad game but i just can't justify paying full price for the same kind of games. Done with COD series atleast for a year or two.

The competition in fps games is getting ever so intense. I am looking for new experiences and if i need another military shooter i'll be looking at Battlefield 3. The ps3 port of Black Ops was just anger inducing. Don't like anger when gaming :)

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Seems Activision is going to change their name to just "Call Of Duty" at one point

Based on pure numbers, it makes sense, but they will run the brand into the ground if they keep this up. So many people are now losing their jobs (seems to be all too common at the moment) because the Activision execs milk the CoD franchise to the detriment of all other titles. Do any other titles actually receive any promotion?

Their track record with big franchises isn't too promising either. Guitar Hero and Tony Hawks were both huge at one stage but have since been killed off by a lack of innovation and general lack of quality. Constantly churning out games kills franchises.

Activisions seems far too keen on shoving all their eggs into one Call of Duty basket. Maybe they feel Blizzard are strong enough to keep them afloat even if CoD was to suddenly fail.

Seems Activision is going to change their name to just Warvision yeah !

there just smartly stupid.

they sent me a letter saying "we know you will never buy our average first person shooter" then proceded to try to pay me to play.

i'd never play this generic shooter, and i'm looking to leave the genre altogether. COD fans don't be suckered by this watered down FPS.

I never considered something milked if it stays fresh and great.

Every CoD game was done with care and quality.

I'm looking forward to more CoD.