High Voltage CEO mocks notion of selling less than a million is a flop.

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Viper1 said:
LordTheNightKnight said:
Viper1 said:

Good to hear Eric state what most of us already knew to be true.

This also relates to the lack of budget disclosure. Movie budgets are usually public, so it's easy to see such things. Video game companies seem to want to make games like movies, save for being more public about how games are made and for how much.

The movie industry is so much more mature as a business.  The video game industry may one day get their but it's not looking like it wants to move in that direction any time soon.


darkknightkryta said:

I'm still a bit curious on how a game can cost more than 20 million to make.  I mean Uncharted 2 (Atleast the first game anyways) had a 20 million dollar budget.  Yet God of War 3 had a 55 million dollar budget.  What did they do in God of War that cost them 30 million more? (Note God of War games have always had 50 million plus budgets.)

Simple math formula can show you.   Game X has 100 people working on it.  The average salary of those 100 people is $75,000 (this was as of 2010) and they work on the game for 4 years.   100 x $75,000 = $7.5 million.  $7.5 million x 4 years = $30 million.

Now that is incredibly broad and doesn't even touch in minor factors that can increase or decrease this cost but it should give you a better idea how one game can cost so much more to develop than another game.  

Unfortunately, your math is quite a bit off.  Average cost per employee wouldn't be anywhere near $75,000.  Even if the average salary is that, which seems awfully low for average salary, the fully loaded cost per employee is going be at least double that, so $150,000 per employee, which doubles your $30 MM.