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Chibi.V.29 said:
darthdevidem01 said:
RAZurrection said:



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Torillian said:

No, you really didn't:


and it really isn't from campaign as you can obviously tell from the guy being in a the suit he wears during the robbery while in the village, something that happens only in the multiplayer.

Again, get out of this thread Raz, this is the last time I ask nicely.

Yes. i really did, I am the source for those and if you hunt around, i did some Elena comparison screens as well. I will post them for you when i retrieve the captures from my other PC.

Hynad said:

To be fair though, you unlock the option of choosing Drake's outfit in the campaign mode.  Heist Drake is one such option.

Precisely. You wound think a mod making threats would research this common fact.

CGI said:

Is that an Uncharted 3 screen? O_O

No, that is Uncharted 2. Yes, they are easily confused given their incredibly similar visuals. Here is the same area in direct feed i got for the vgz.de comp.

Chibi.V.29 said:

Name any xbox AAA tital then from this year (that isnt alos on PC lol) and i will counter it easily ^^

I'd like you to  PS3 exclusive that scored over 90% at either gamerankings or metacritic and sold over 7 million copies to consumers since March and this moment.

Chibi.V.29 said:

as for the second part of this i am actually incredibly offended >_> i suffer from disgraphia so my ability to convey words into phisicle form, weather that be writing or typing is greatly reduced. It does in no way affect my intelligence infact though it effects the english part of my brain it enhances the maths side. Think about what your sayign before you put it. We dont know each other so there is no way you can assume anything about me. NEVER make a comment about such things such as that again. you dont know how you might be offending someone.


Well, I originally felt sorry for you until i remembered you said this earlier:

Chibi.V.29 said:

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha can i quote you and put that in my sig XDDDDD

So basically, you have a mental handicap and you felt the best way to express that was to go around with the most vile, politically incorrect term for people with mental disabilities in your sig and XDing hard?

I doubt it.

Jdevil3  said:

I think you're lying about that

I'm sure you can think what you like, the onus is on others to disprove. Your screens are ok, but neither get as close to the model as my capture and it's an off screen-shot, the other is from a pre-rendered cutscene, which is just comparing it to itself.

Jdevil3  said:

Also... you never answered me when I asked you why you're trying to pass Uncharted 2 multiplayer screenshots as single player ones? Why are you doing that? O_o

I'm "passing" single player screens as single player screens. You just do not want to believe that is all.I find it very telling that there hasn't been a single player direct feed shot to state otherwise as yet.

Jdevil3  said:

If you believe a generational leap in graphics implies that a game must be open world game and only 60 FPS, you're wrong.

I'd consider that the minimum given the next closest game is linear and half that framerate. It'd be like GTA:SA having the graphics of Xbox Chaos Theory on PS2..running at 60FPS.

Jdevil3  said:

Yeah, it was GoWIII but that makes it even worse, God of War III has even better graphics than Uncharted 2... but you think Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has better graphics than God of War III? it doesn't make any sense.

Sure it does, it's called opinions and it just strikes me as odd that God of War 3 would get a lower score than 2 older games if it looked better, it would at least have scored the same.

Jdevil3  said:

Hmm... wait, I think it does... 1st you can't tell the difference between singleplayer and multiplayer in Uncharted 2 even though you said you played the game from beginning to end.

I have done, don't mistake your own disbelief for your view of my views.

Jdevil3  said:

Then you say that there's a generational leap in games like Crysis 2 when you compare them to other games. And you also seem to believe than MW2 has better graphics than GoWIII.

I think that was an opinion generally shared by a lot of press.

Jdevil3  said:

I think all those facts prove that you aren't able to distinguish the graphical differences in Video Games.

None of what you have said is fact. You're coming to conclusions based on your own views of something you have no part of.


Brinks graphics will shock people and not in a good way. Thats all I will say. Definitley shouldn't be on that list

There's so many points and quoting going on I'm not even sure where to step in.

@RAZurrection- Do you believe Uncharted 3 will not be noticeably superior graphically to Uncharted 2? 

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Jay520 said:

*Socom 4 pictures*


Nothing in front of Killzone 3, unfortunately. But Socom does look pretty good.

mantlepiecek said:

Jay520 said:

*Socom 4 pictures*


Nothing in front of Killzone 3, unfortunately. But Socom does look pretty good.

Yeah, but (depending on S4's release) Zipper has much more time than GG to polish. Regardless of the release date, Socom should be put on the list since it looks better than some (at least one) of the games already up there IMO

How the hell is Raz still going? I don't think I've known anyone to 'spout as much crap as he does on here.