Is It Possible For GT5 To OutSell Halo Reach Lifetime?...I Think So!

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Michael-5 said:
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Michael-5 said:

You think PS3 will sell over 100 million consoles? Why?

I'm curious because in mid 2010 I also thought Wii would sell closer to PS2 figures (Wii was around 80 million at the time, just clearing 17 million in 2010), but then sales crashed, and now that Wii U is out, it's basically dead. You might be right though, PS1, PS2, and PSP all have pretty long and fat tails, PS2 sold what 50 million units after being replaced? Why can't PS3 sell 20 million after being replaced?

Still, late this gen, so many shocking trends for me. If PS3 does eventually outsell the Wii worldwide, well....then I'm going to give up on console predictions.

My yearly sales prediction for Wii and PS3: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=5346453
Sony consoles follow completely different trends to Nintendo consoles. Nintendo consoles hit a wall at a point and completely stop selling after a short while, while Sony consoles sell for a long time, and the yearly drops are much smaller even with next gen consoles out (because they sell really well in developing markets where they can't afford next-gen yet).

Well this is definatly possible. I never imagined that Sony would retake first this gen, wow. It will really depend on how long South America supports the PS3, but if it's anything like the PS1/PS2/PSP, it should get a lot of support.

I hope the PS3 doesn't outsell the Wii, I want Nintendo to win just once, but as long as Sony and Nintendo are ahead of MS I'm happy. I don't like MS as a console company anymore.

What's your prediction for 360?


P.S. Really, Sony predicts 87 million PS3's sold by March 2014? That's 10 million for their 2013 fiscal year, which is 83% as strong as their 2012 fiscal year. Wow, that's a bold prediction, but if Sony can do it, that's an outstanding achievement for the company.

360 is kind of hard to predict. But I think it should finish reasonably close to the other to at around 93-95m, with the incoming redesign. I don't believe 360 can pass Wii.