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oh yeah, I want to be able to maneuver through pages in a thread not through post. A "last page" button would also be very useful.

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hatmoza said:

oh yeah, I want to be able to

I laughed when I went to the website of the company that did the new website and in their blurb about redoing VGC they said "...along with specifically designed user-friendly Flash widgets that improve the feel of the website and make it an easier experience to navigate."

I thought VGC was doing well, I'm surprised IOI didn't hire an in-house web programmer or designer, or just hire one to do a website and hand over all the code to him so that he has full control over the site.. or maybe that's what he does have with these guys, but their link at the bottom of the page makes me think not so much


for some reason it cut off Hatmoza's saying, and this is the third attempt at trying to post this...

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I'd rather there just be a box at the bottom of the page instead of having to click 'reply'. And 4 hubs? Why can't it all be in one place like before? This just complicates things.....


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No IM :(

I guess its coming back but it could be a while..

Other than that.. the website is visually unappealing.

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I'd just like to have smileys and IM back. That's really all I'd really like the rest is just gonna take my eyes getting used to, it's a bit too bright for my tastes.

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Personally... I think the new site looks terrible.

WHY fix something that isnt broken? before it look neat, slick and to the point. Now it looks like an amatuer site. Sorry but damn... one of those times where when you say "I can do better" and mean it.

Big Thumbs down.

I'll get used to the looks eventually but where is VGCIM?

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Oh an indicator when another member is online next to the avatar..

So I don't have to wait hours for nothing when i quote someone and I'm waiting for an answer..


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Rainbird said:

We desperatly need thread page navigation buttons on the buttom of the page as well, and buttons for skipping to the last and first pages of the thread as well.

What he said...  Please make this the top priority...