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Star Wars Battlefront 3 on Wii?!?


Just saw this online and if this did happen then I'd be a very happy gamer.  I own my PS2 for the previous 2 and loved them.  I'd be happy to have this on Wii.  Can't wait to hear what the official announcement is for platforms but I'm excited right now.



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thats good news even tho I'd get it for ps3

but Im not gonna get hype for that
the project is suppose to have been cancel by lucasart

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Id probably double dip and get PC and Wii or possibly move enabled PS3. This should be submitted as news, a lot of people are looking forward to this game.

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Completely agree with CDiablo!
Probably go with PC/Wii since I don't think I'll be getting move until there are a bunch of must haves that really work well :)

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I'd probably get it for 360 over the Wii, but might be one of those that I end up getting it on both depending on the differences. Not to mention can never have enough Star Wars haha.

Hopefully this does come to fruition because Battlefront 2 was amazing on the Xbox.

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A ps3/360/wii version of battlefront would be amazing. It is by far the best star wars series imo.

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All I want is a Battlefront III. Idc what system it's on.

This is a bummer if true. But I'll still keep my fingers crossed for Battlefront 3 to come. Just an update to the thread.


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I read from multiple sources that its coming to all systems

I'd be very happy if this came to the Wii.
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