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chocoloco said:
Watching my five year old nephew playing better at Manhunt then me. (Sniff) I taught him so much.

And this is why there's so much controversy when games like Manhunt are released. 5 year old's should even't look at this game. 


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One time I was walking through the local arcade, and there was this kid hogging the street fighter 2 machine with a couple of friends watching as he beat some younger kids.

So i'm walking by, I decide hey what they heck... i'll play a round.

Some other kid literally says "Don't do it... he's REALLY good." I really just kinda laugh and say "I'll be ok, it's only one token."

Sure enough, i beat him in the first round... pretty badly. He gets angry second round... I actually beat him with a perfect. He and his friends storm off like some kind of bad kids movie. Funny thing was... I didn't even really want to play Street Fighter for more then around... so I just asked one of the kids if he wanted to take over my game... and I left the street fighter machine to the younger kids. Funny stuff.

I have two

- Beating Super Mario 64

- Catching all 151 Pokemon in Blue version


Beating Killzone 2 on elite without throwing the controller.

Xbbjf9s said:
RolStoppable said:
Snatching the victory from a girl in a Mario Kart Wii race right before the finish line. It always makes me proud to be a man. Feels fantastic.

lmao, funniest thing I have heard all day.

same here, too funny

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Right after I took Boom Blox out of of my Wii for the final time.

It shall never return.

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When I finally finished The Elder Scroll's and all it's expansions, it was like a great weight had been lifted and I could get back to my life again. Then Fallout 3 was released... and so it began again.

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Siosal said:
Beating Killzone 2 on elite without throwing the controller.

I'm dreading that so much, espcially after uncharted crushing mode.

Playing Half life 2 campaign for over 7 hours =)
May not seem much, but i've got better things to do besides playing games.
Studying hard is the best way to go =) =)


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Oh yeah, the day I got my ps3