5 franchises where you wonder "what happened"?

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Well, Spyro got into the hands of Sierra Entertainment, along with Crash. Sierra is mediocre.

Sonic has no dev talent behind it (sorry to say) Sonic 4 is a start, but being downloadable, I'm not too sure how much effort they put behind it this time either.

Turok died the second it left the N64. I think Acclaim was only a few years away from extinction at that point, but I cannot fault them for one misstep. However, the biggest mistake was putting Turok on the PS360, where it no longer had the name nor the talent to compete with the several dozen other FPS and Shooting games out there. Plus, wasn't Disney behind it or something? Anyways, I can see why they put it on the PS360 (demographics) but it would've been appreciated much more as a Wii exclusive.

Silent Hill.....I don't understand this one. They kinda disregarded Shattered Memories despite how well it has done in grabbing people who have never played a SH. It has sold ~175,000 and is still leggin it out. I wanted to rent it for my brother at one point, but Blockbuster didn't have it. Shame.

Tomb Raider should have been on this list for the abomination that Underworld was, and the below average story the series has had for years. Other games I would say are in the decline are Tony Hawk (Activision's first true whore), Need for Speed, and the Smackdown vs Raw games.

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I don't agree with Silent Hill. Shattered Memories is one of the best games I ever played.

Dino Crisis & Rival Schools

Need for Speed would have been a good one, after the 2 Undergroud games on PS2 and maybe even Wanted its been a bad ride.

Pretty good list. C&C, Spyro, Sonic all definitely went off the rails. Silent Hill as well a bit - but I'm of the view horror actually doesn't suit franchises well and it's best to always try and start afresh with horror.

In the end, whether cinema or games familiarity moves the horror from genuine to simply a reply with familiar settings, etc. Where the Alien simply becomes a 'cool' insect foe instead of a nameless source of dread and fear. Where Silent Hill goes from being unsettling to familiar. And where superior Japanese horror is 'Westernized' on a regular basis in both cinema and games.

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I agree with the list.

Ever since Team Silent went seperate ways, Silent Hill just lost its magic.

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breath of fire

and of course Final Fantasy

Crash Bandicoot

They were some of the best Playstation games.

final fantasy...

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I agree with all except Silent Hill.

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