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    Did Bayonetta sell badly?

    in Sales Discussion on 31 May 2010

    its sales were really really bad when you take into consideration of the games budget...alot of shovelware titles can claim the 1 million mark regarding sales and there budget is normally just general staff costs (of which there are normally no more than 20) so it was a absolute failure I wouldn't expect a sequel unless its a hash together to make a quick buck ...

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    Do you have a collection of unplayed games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2010

    I dont know i've lost count...I'm a sucker for the cheap deals GAME and Gamestation do on preowned so I know I have atleast 20 PS2 game 10 PS3 games and over 20 360 games unplayed and still has the purcahuse seal on them.there's also a stack of unopened DS, wii and gamecube games in a cupboard somewhere... I really need to stop impulse buyingI also has the maw and Shadow complex I got off XBLA...

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    What GPU to choose? Need Help!

    in PC Discussion on 09 May 2010

    Soleron said: iron_megalith said: i7 huh.. *remembers the price**DEEEPP BREATH*I'm going to far from my original plan. Anywho...Ok.. How about this.. Would it be better to invest on a high-end CPU then just get a decent high-end GPU? I can't handle those two together. GPU first, then CPU later on. If you change the CPU, you'll also have to change the motherboard and RAM....

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    What GPU to choose? Need Help!

    in PC Discussion on 09 May 2010

    iron_megalith said: i7 huh.. *remembers the price**DEEEPP BREATH*I'm going to far from my original plan. Anywho...Ok.. How about this.. Would it be better to invest on a high-end CPU then just get a decent high-end GPU? I can't handle those two together. I think everyone has gone over baord with this... your original choice will suit you fine if you only want decent performance...

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    3D gaming on the Famicom

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 May 2010

    great find and it kind proves that 3D will fizzle out again in a few years and we'll be back to good old 2D. well just until the next 3D fad comes along.Yay headaches for everyone!...

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    MS: Halo Reach beta will revive ODST sales

    in Microsoft Discussion on 26 April 2010

    i'll be picking up ODST in the next few weeks mainly because I refused to pay the joke of a price (£44.99) on release for what was basically an expansion pack.its £29.99 now so its worth grabbing before the price spikes. TBH alot of people do this and either by the reduced price 6 months on or get it pre-owned and the fact the game was a space filler and reach was hot on its tail kept the sales...

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    Turn a PSP into a PS2 with this Controller Hack

    in Sony Discussion on 24 April 2010

    Severance said: jonnhytesta said: poor psp. i heard that you can run ds games on it. sony needs to leave the handheld market asap Hell no. couldn't have said it better myself the PSP is a wonderful bit of kit it a total shame it was never opened up to allow legal homebrew that would of been freaking amazing Bring on the PSP 2...

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    Why do people even like RPG?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 April 2010

    there are games other than RPGS!? I don't believe you!! out of all the area of gaming the Role playing/story focused games have always given the best value for money so much better than these half arsed grey 4 hr FPS's ok that was unfair but to say you hate them?? that makes no sense what you gonna say next you hate platformers, or FPS's but no u would probably say you hate games that use...

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    Connecting xbox 360 to pc audio system

    in PC Discussion on 24 April 2010

    there are a few ways to get the results you want but most games dont actually support 5.1 they say they support it must most of the time its just stereo .but you either need to plug ur 5.1 setup directly into the TV and use that as the output this should work fine since HDMI is 5.1or you can get a digital audio cable and an amp to plus ur 5.1 setup into but this one is certainly the most...

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    How long does each console have left on the market?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 April 2010

    looking at it logically Nintendo will be first after the 3DS launch they'll have a period of at least 18 - 2 years before any new "handheld" could be released and since Nintendos profits are based mainly in hardware we'll see a new Wii being announced at E3 2011it wont be Wii "HD" but it will probably be a normal Wii with some revision of some sort.regarding the 360 and PS3 there not budging for...

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    Windows 7, anyone else have it?

    in PC Discussion on 22 April 2010

    I would have been using it full time for 1 year as of next week.there is certainly no reason not to update to it unless your computer it like 6 years old and has less than 1GB RAMCertain trumps the latest "update" from Apples camp and has the performance edge and stability over most linux distro's it certainly it a solid platform...

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    I am sick of all these updates!

    in Sony Discussion on 22 April 2010

    now that's a long time! mine was like 5 mins...though the 360 updates for me takes over an hour with fail everytime but I think that's microsoft bad coding on deployment of updates....

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    Rumour: Xbox Live to get TV Channel, Gold to increase by $1-2 dollars

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 April 2010

    interesting to how this will effect the UK since M$ can't charge us extra since we already have to pay for TV licences unless they only include channel that aren't owned by the BBCyea It would be totally pointless for them to released it over here since the Sky service covers the rest of the channels that are worth watching unless they release a play TV service like Sony did they it would be...

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    What will the Ps4 have that the Ps3 doesn't?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 April 2010

    PS4 wont be a console :D it will be a set top box where everything is handled in the "cloud" and streamed.well if you believe the likes of Wada it will be......

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    Time to bring back the Nintendo Seal of Quality?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 April 2010

    the seal of quality was a useless thing all the games still go through the same testing routine as the SNES apart from now you actually get really detailed reports from them so the "quality" of games has actually improved since the SNES days.regarding shovelware most of it doesn't even make it to the shop shelves so there no problem. But the problem is the great lack of good titles, which means...

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    U.S. Gov. : previous studies about economic impact of piracy lack substance

    in Sales Discussion on 14 April 2010

    great post its interesting that the US is actually looking into this in the same way Europe did nearly 10 years ago...but still it wont change anything since Publishers of the likes of games are over protective of their product, which in some cases is doing damage (C&C)though history clearly has shown us that piracy can kill products such as the dreamcast and to a lesser extent the PSP so its...

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    Why does Epic keep Gears of War a Xbox 360 exclusive?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 April 2010

    I think its more microsoft own the GOW games but it was mentioned a while back that GOW3 would be a timed exclusive so the PS3 version will probably appear with the PC version or something along those lines....

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    5 franchises where you wonder "what happened"?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 April 2010

    breath of fireand of course Final Fantasy...

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    At the end, is FFXIII good enough or not?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2010

    it down to your preference of games. personally I found FF13 soo boring I gave up after 2 hours but thats just me In all fairness its an improvement on FF12 but its certainly not a turn bases RPG, well its "turn based" but with the way the camera plays ping pong with the screen and the fact u can only control on character its rteally not turned based.   this game feels more of a cross...

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