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@ aion: what are you replying to? :p

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Does anyone know at what rate they produce PS3s? I mean how long does it take for a PS3 to be completely assembled, packaged and shipped? Do they only have one production facility worldwide or territorial?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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jarrod said:
lol! Sooo close!

Wii and PS3?  :P


And to this will be added close to 50k of PS3 in Japan (and 30k Wii) ;)

And it's nice to see how HD marketshare hovers strongly above 50% for the past few weeks.


markers said:
Again nothing wrong with the psp.

PS3 seems to have little to no shortages in Others. I believe in the coming weeks (2-3) the shortages will be taken care of and we will see a period of hw boosts for the ps3

There are shortages here in europe, the PS3 120 gb costs 280 pounds in uk compared to the normal 250 price tag, same with the 250gb

here in germany there arent many ps3s in stock in the stores, ive only seen a few heavy rain bundles

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Bravo PS3 !

Congrats to Sony. PS3 destroyed 360 this week in Europe / Others...

Ps3 is the best console 2010 i think. soooo many awesome games

the best RPG's are coming 2013 !!!! oh my god, this is perfect for RPG-GAMER = ) Ni No Kuni - 25 january, Time and Eternity, tales of xillia (PS3) and the maybe best game ever: metal gear solid ground zero