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@psrock: lol you rock dude


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Splitscreen is most important for me. Bought and returned Kz2 same day when I realized it didn't have split screen or a co-op mode.

Local multiplayer, co-op (online and off), more crazy Helghast weapons like the elecricity gun, more accessible controls, better story and much more interesting character and some peic set pieces in the campaign.

Be not shit.

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They can dumb down everything and just to make better graphics. People would praise the graphics and forget the rest of the game. Game would get incredible review points just because of graphics and it might even be GOTY for most of players.

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iBlah said:

@psrock: lol you rock dude

hahaha this card would so be banned if it were real.  2 Stars with 2500 ATK lol

OP:  Gimme campaign coop and ill day one it.

psrock said:
A release date.

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psrock said:
A release date.



chocoloco is right its seems these days every game like uncharted killzone and others use the mode deathmatch for team deathmatch theres difference between the two and they should be there both

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Rather not have split screen co-op, takes more system resources to run, and one of Killzones biggest pulls is that it's the best looking shooter on the console market right now, I don't think it'd be wise to take that away for split screen co-op.