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I'm realizing that I hate FarmVille, but I can't stop playing!

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I can't really say hate, but there are a few genres that I do rather severely dislike. First one to my mind are shooters. This includes both FPS and TPS. I never really got into them; in my eyes, after playing Doom, I've played them all. I'm aware there are differences, but the objectives are the same.

Next would be MMORPGs. Some may think this weird, since RPGs are my favorite category, but I've seen too many people's lives ruined by MMOs. And I'm also against the concept of buying a game, then being told I have to pay more just to play it. Either give me the software, or there better damn well be a way that I can play this game whenever I want without paying an additional fee.

Following this would be sports. (Note that for me, sports do not include racing games, activity games like DDR, or workout games like Wii Fit.) I never really was a fan of sports in real life, and the feeling comes across in the games. You really have to already know a fair amount about the sport to get the most out of these games. And since I never cared to research them, I never cared for these games either. Plus the early ones had abyssmal play control, and then I saw EA's rehashes every year. Yeah... no thanks.

Lastly, and perhaps the closest to hate in my book, is tough to pinpoint. It's... I guess games that have excessive violence for no point other than violence. GTA is the biggest offender in this to me, but I can't say that it's the fault of sandbox games. Madworld also falls into this category for me, yet Smash TV doesn't. I... really can't explain it...


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Don't really hate, but the genre I play the very least would be RTS, only gave I really ever enjoyes a little was Halo Wars.

Puzzle games and WRPGs come to mind. I own very very few puzzle games, and no WRPGs at all.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

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I hate sports games. And not because they're not fun to play. I just hate that a new one comes out EVERY SINGLE YEAR and it's usually the same game in a newer pretty package. I blame EA for this.

I hate


Most sandbox titles and simulators. When I play a game where I'm allowed to do whatever I want, what I can't do becomes more apparent and boredom usually sets in soon after.

Pixel Art can be fun.

I struggle to enjoy:

RTS - ... I just don't like them...

2D Fighters - ... I just don't like them...

Sports - It's always the same shit year after year... I once had an NCAA game that I enjoyed. Also used to like NBA street Volume 2. That's pretty much it. Other than those 2 experiences, I just don't like sports games.

MMO - I don't hate this genre. I just can't find one to really get into. There were a few I tried and liked but I just lost interest quickly.

Singing Games - Not Music based games in general... just the ones that require me to sing. I don't sing. What? You wanna fight about?

That's all I can think of right now.

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I'm not a fan of RTSs though.