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    If the Console War were real...THEY MADE AN ANIME!

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 February 2016 by TomaTito

    Balarius said: Has it really been 4 years since I last bumped this topic? <3 Hehehe, I'm glad my thread made you come back to bump this topic :) If it's not rude to ask. How much did you get from anime royalties?...

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    Lets End The Vita+Wii U Doom Threads Now! Post Lifetime Sales For Both and I'll Post It In The OP!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 April 2015 by Dr.Vita

    Ryng_Tolu said: Dr.Vita said: Why not? It is selling around 3M yearly and could stay a very long time in the market though we won't see a successor. And Sony still could bundle it with PS4 or give it free with every PS4 (like Nintendo did with Wii Sports). http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=195704&page=1 This is your PSVita lifetime prediction,...

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    How I See Next Gen Playing Out

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 November 2014 by Arkaign

    newwil7l said:I dissagree. It will be 1. Nextbox 2. Wii U 3. PS4 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL   :)...

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    Top 50 Seventh Gen Games (all platforms)

    in Sales Discussion on 11 May 2014 by Azhraell

    Such an awesome bump...

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    Putting Wii U sales into perspective

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 April 2014 by Anfebious

    Max King of the Wild said: Anfebious said:Max King of the Wild? You should have been named Max King of the World. You are such an awesome guy! thank you. the recognition is heartwarming Good to hear that, everything I say comes from the bottom of my heart so make sure to hold to those words of mine because I rarely use them....

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    Wii U will outsell PS4 or 720 by 40 million units. Prove me wrong.

    in Sales Discussion on 15 April 2014 by oniyide

    fauzman said: oniyide said: fauzman said: Ka-pi96 said: fauzman said:Obviously most of the people who made predictions in 2012 about the state of the 8th gen have generally been wrong - by a large margin in most cases. However, that is no reason to dump on them and make fun of their predictions. They tried to make guesses when they didnt have the info about...

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    The last thing you bought?

    in General Discussion on 03 April 2014 by superchunk

    I spent $34 at lunch today. mmmmm On way home I'm picking up DKC:TF and then probably a couple GBA VC games....

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    Does anyone still believe Wii can outsell PS2?

    in Sales Discussion on 10 February 2014 by Trunkin

    leyendax69 said: Mr.Ashtear said: Wii will pass the PS1. DS will pass the PS2.   perfect generation.  Fail. So close, though....

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    what exactly is granting PS4 a better future than Vita ?

    in Sony Discussion on 04 February 2014 by GameAnalyser

    The fan base it has got already the growing support from 3rd party....

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    *Prediction__Wii to sell 105 Million End Of 2011!*

    in Sales Discussion on 12 December 2013 by gcube2000

    sadly its almost 2014 and its like at 101 million...

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    I am going to play every N64 game~ First recording finally! Banjo Kazooie, my first trial attempt in OP and thread.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 September 2013 by spurgeonryan

    akuseru said:Necrobump... How is the progress in your quest my friend? Actually finally got my player to work. Pinaccle studio 14 is garbage, but I found out how to record on windows movie maker.   Started with Banjo, but I will go back and record some of the other games I have already played and beaten.   I hate starting out with Banjo being the only one who can run....

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    When will Nintendo's Wii U get a price cut?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 August 2013 by pezus

    Darc Requiem said:LOL, someone in the NPD thread said Pezus would do this. I had my money on Turkish. Guess I was mistaken. Are you going to question me again? :-D...

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    Prediction: PS3 will double WiiU in sales until E3 (PS3 leading 4.2:1)

    in Sales Discussion on 19 August 2013 by COLD_COBRA_

    Update? 3:1 for the year isn't out of the question at all. ...

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    Looks like GT5's sales performance is making a lot of haters silent..

    in Sales Discussion on 10 August 2013 by Groundking

    Great sales from GT5 is must be said, should hopefully be around 11mill by the end of this year (depending on how much GT6 cuts gt5 short but I'd expect gt5 to be somewhere around 10.7m buy the time gt6 hits and we may get some sequel boost) and should end around 12mill I think guaranteed to be the 3rd best selling GT (on the lowest install base) and a good chance to grab 2nd. Hopefully GT6's...

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    [ON SPOT OR CLOSE PREDICTION / GT5 Shipped by Mar 2013] I Believe Sony Will Ship 10 Million Copies Of GT5 Before 2 Years. And You?

    in Sony Discussion on 27 July 2013 by Carl

    Ha, 2nd Feb is my birthday :-)...

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    Nintendo and 3rd parties *Formerly; Nintendo is f*cking up big times with 3rd parties*

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 July 2013 by walsufnir

    DanneSandin said: So, I have things to reveal, things I cannot prove but that comes from within the industry. That's why I knew KillZone 4 would be revealed during the PS4 event (even though I didn't say anything) and that's why I'm fairly certain PS4 will cost $349 at launch. I also know what games will be shown at e3 (MEGATON incoming!!! Fan boys of all sorts will cry tears of joy and...

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    The altruist/optimist thread - The secret to loving others

    in General Discussion on 25 June 2013 by happydolphin

    The secret to loving others is to realize that you're only a journeyman, and that as a traveler on this earth sharing the trip with others, it's important to help others' trip be the best possible trip, because it really is, for many, a bumpy ride....

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    Who is the most influential new IP character of the current gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2013 by Michael-5

    S.T.A.G.E. said: Michael-5 said: It's also one of the only really good reasons to have a 360 as well as a PS3. I hope Sakaguchi-san develops some really good games for Wii U. I mean The Last Story sold moderatly well compared to Lost Odyssey, and I think it's nowhere nearly as robust of a game. If Mistwalker develops any other high profile games like Lost Odyssey, and refuses to...

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    Its must suck to be a fanboy

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 May 2013 by Jega

    Kaizar said: Jega said: That is why I keep saying there is no war.If Apple announced a gaming console tomorrow. The first thing the media would do is come out with headlines saying Microsoft now have competition can Apple overtake Microsoft. But in reality what would most likely happen. Apple would take a couple million fans away from Microsoft. But Microsoft would still be here and...

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    Capcom: “We’ve Got no Plans for a PS Vita Monster Hunter at the Moment”

    in Sony Discussion on 01 May 2013 by Nem

    KingKazuma34 said: Nem said: KingKazuma34 said:What makes me laugh is that Capcom releases these games on the Wii U, which has an even lower install base than the Vita. So Capcom has something against the Vita, or maybe Nintendo is just giving them money to not make anything on the Vita Stop thinking Sony were innocent in all this, they werent. Sony pushed Monster...

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