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    Write 28

    Changes to Software Tracking 2019 Onwards

    in Website Topics 2 hours ago

    It is a little sad because it feels like the end of an era, but I'm glad the staff is working hard to make the most of this transition....

    Write 43

    Reggie on why Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion 3 hours ago

    Someone should have pressed him about GTAV....

    Write 46

    Why nobody is talkin about Avengers endgame?

    in Movies Discussion 1 day ago

    I always greatly enjoy the Avengers movies but I never really follow the hype....

    Write 97

    Dark Mode Now Available

    in Website Topics 1 day ago

    Nice! This definitely makes it better....

    Write 97

    Dark Mode Now Available

    in Website Topics 1 day ago

    I like the black better aesthetically, though for some reason it adds strain to my eyes. Maybe it's the text....

    Write 26

    Bumblebee currently sitting at 95% on RT.

    in Movies Discussion 2 days ago

    I don't have any intention on seeing it but I'm definitely curious about it now lol...

    Write 37

    Smash Ultimate's online is atrocious

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago

    The little online I've played allowed to me to select the rules I wanted. Also, don't you unlock a "For Glory" mode after winning a few matches anyway?...

    Write 58

    Smash Ultimate doesn't feel very casual friendly

    in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

    I personally love that you need to earn the characters, but you did actually raise a fairly good point. Some people might be stuck with 8 for a bit....

    Write 29

    PS3/PS4 title "Journey" coming to PC - Epic Games Store Exclusive

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    Hmh. I may actually get this one....

    Write 4653

    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics 3 days ago

    Carl said: CGI-Quality said: As has been brought to my attention by multiple posters now, I am going to address the ban note issue with the rest of the mods. For what it's worth, I don't think there's much wrong with a little sass from time to time. I second this for the permabans. No need to be kind there....

    Write 4653

    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics 3 days ago

    The idea sounds like your very own, private Discord where you can invite users of your choice to discuss VGC. There's plenty of those, and I don't think you require mod approval to create yet another one....

    Write 97

    Dark Mode Now Available

    in Website Topics 4 days ago

    Loving it! Awesome work! Will definitely use it from now on. As far as dark text, I did a quick search and the only one I could find is the "Quick Reply (...)"...

    Write 154

    First DLC Character for Smash Ultimate: Joker from Persona 5!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago

    Meh. I mean, I feel like a hypocrite because I was super excited about Cloud. That said, this is extremely odd. At least in Cloud's case Final Fantasy had *some* history with Nintendo, even if not Cloud. This feels more like a promotion for a game that isn't even on Nintendo. Did Nintendo actually pay to have a character like this included?...

    Write 15

    David Jaffe (creator of God of War) has a bone to pick with ResetEra.

    in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

    I have a very small feeling there is a subliminal message hidden here. Nah, probably just a coincidence....

    Write 4653

    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics 6 days ago

    I'm just going to say, I strongly appreciate the fact you respond to every user in a civil, respectful, cordial and thorough manner CGI. You've really lived up to the Head Mod status....

    Write 14

    Search Functionality

    in Website Topics 6 days ago

    Thanks Talon! I was actually a little sad that a lot of threads had been lost, so this is definitely a great thing....

    Write 4653

    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics 6 days ago

    quickrick said: zorg1000 said: Perfect example of someone not learning from their mistakes and playing the victim card. Some of those clearly weren't fair as you saw in my reply to Carl maybe you say because of my history. I mean on this site it's always been ok to make bets and gloat now all of a sudden its bannable. I'll be blunt here. Out of your last 100?...

    Write 219

    Nintendo Switch is perfectly viable as a primary or even only gaming device...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 December 2018

    A PS4 Pro would certainly be a very solid secondary console, but the Switch is sufficient to me. I used to have a gaming PC, but not anymore....

    Write 74

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate League

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 December 2018

    I'm also down for it. I enjoyed the 3DS League. Might not be able to actively participate in the first few weeks but I'll join after that....

    Write 4653

    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics on 02 December 2018

    Pemalite said: morenoingrato said: So if a very large number of the members of this community "agree" with a post that relates to the site and moderation to an extent: Should that post not be taken by the mod team as legitimate feedback? Should it?I mean, I could probably pick out incidents in human history where someone was voted democratically and was extremely popular...

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