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< MohammadBadir posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

Heh. That's a clever one.
Man, Zuko really came a long way.

1 day ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

This was made back in Season 1 era when everybody still didn't know who Amon would be.

on 08 August 2015

If you scroll a.coupke of posts, you've sent me this one.
Still awesome though.

on 08 August 2015

Lmao I hadn't noticed. Guess I should've posted that on Green's wall :P

on 08 August 2015

Wow. If you are going to post on my wall. Choose something that is aesthetically pleasing and not nightmarish. :P

on 11 August 2015

< Slarvax posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

Hey... Now that NintendoPie is back, what will be of me?

I also wanna tell you I left Venezuela already. Remember when you said this may be the year Maduro resigns or leaves us? It's not looking like that, and things just get worse over there :(

Really saddening.

With NinPie here, you will have to be exiled to NeoGaf. Sorry.
Well, I hope you have a great time in Canada, really beautiful country. You might even get to meet some of my friends lol if you are doing the Foundation Year.
Well, things have to get better sooner or later. I might not like your government, but we all stand with Venezuelans. :)
And things have gotten kinda shitty for us too >_> so I am also hoping our president can leave us sooner rather than later.

on 25 July 2015

But I don't like NeoGaf D:
I really don't have hope for Venezuela. I just want everyone (that deserves it) leaving there to have another chance. Even if the government changes, I don't think it will get any better for another 20 or more years.

on 25 July 2015

Well, I wish the best to you and your close ones and hopefully you can return someday if you wish to.
And seriously, our country is Venezuela's bitch. :P

on 26 July 2015

< BasilZero posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

Damian is Robin on steroids ;o

Did you see the latest animated movie?

on 23 July 2015


on 23 July 2015

Damian is SO awesome. He is a really amazing character!

on 23 July 2015

Yes! I cant believe Nightwing was having issues keeping up with Damian lol.

I wonder if they'll make a sequel to Batman VS Robin.

on 23 July 2015

< NintendoPie posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

Did you buy Kirby Triple Deluxe?


I still need to play my copy (will get to it soon!)

on 12 July 2015

Nope. It looked really good and had a great boss theme though.
Was it good?

on 13 July 2015

I haven't bought it, that's why I was asking.
Basil can maybe tune in with commentary if he ever gets around to it.

on 13 July 2015

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Write 38

Update: Western Release confirmed - Gyakuten Saiban 6(Ace Attorney) announced for 3DS

in Gaming Discussion 9 hours ago

Wooooooot! Awesome....

Write 57

The Highest Paid Actresses And Actors Of 2015

in Movies Discussion on 21 August 2015

Seriously, Adam Sander, what the fuck....

Write 64

Official Super Mario Maker Thread - The Game Can Now Be Pre-Loaded On The North American Wii U eShop, New Video Shows How Great Amiibo Support Is

in Nintendo Discussion on 14 August 2015

Looks like if all of my Mario dreams came true in one single package....


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