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    < NintendoPie posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

    I got the promotion. Therefore, I will be getting a Switch sooner rather than later.

    Are you sure?
    Maybe you should invest in another vacation.

    1 day ago

    ^ Words of wisdom

    1 day ago

    No, I'll already be going on a cruise in december and a short one at the end of this month. It's Switch time.

    21 hours ago

    < Kerotan posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

    All i gotta say to your mod thread post is "wut wut wut?"

    Haha talk about out of context. If you think my post was an attack on nintendo fans then you are cray cray. Where was the attack? I'm intrigued.

    < NintendoPie posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

    Your post in the Purge thread was disappointing.

    I also trash talked TellTale games. Is that not good?

    on 03 June 2017

    No, I wanted to see more member dirt.

    on 03 June 2017

    Mhm. Maybe soon.
    Why the empty profile picture?
    You haven't even posted there yourself.

    on 03 June 2017

    I'm trying to find my old E3 Piplup avatar since getting a new laptop... but I can't find it! I went all through my private messages too and there's nothing from Miz. Fucking hell.

    And I know haven't. I don't need a thread to say what I want to say, I do that on a regular basis.

    on 03 June 2017

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

    Best Ship

    Remind me of the old times. *sigh*

    on 23 May 2017

    < NintendoPie posted something on morenoingrato's wall:

    Finally got around to checking out the Mod Thread. Was not disappointed. Would rate a solid Breath of the Wild/100 for entertainment.

    Just now? You're slow.
    I loved the Vizioneck link as well.

    on 28 April 2017

    I have a life.
    And yes, that was a great part. That forum is mostly just jaded former-VGC Sony fans. It's hilarious. Although even more hilarious was some of them were disagreeing with the frog.

    on 28 April 2017

    Do you?
    Yeah, lawl. It is composed of the most hardline of the hardline Sony fans, and yet Kero went too far.

    on 28 April 2017

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    Write 9

    20XX is out now on Steam. (Megaman game)

    in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

    Hmh. That looks pretty fun. Kudos for not insulting their fans in the trailer....

    Write 88

    Best story in a Nintendo developed game

    in Nintendo Discussion 17 hours ago

    Mother 3. What an amazing story that game had....

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    Undertale PS4/PSV Reviews | 97 on Meta!

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

    Luke888 said: Xen said: You played it? What's your opinion? It's a good game with peculiar gameplay and a mildly interesting story (although some characters make you wish there was no story at all). it also has different paths you can take meaning it has a decent replayability. For its low price (at least on PC, I don't know how much it costs on PS consoles) it's a nice...


    Occupation: Student

    Height: 6'1

    Eye colour: Brown

    Hair colour: Black

    Zodiac sign: Pisces

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    AIM: Wat?

    MSN: Is this even a thing anymore?

    Favourite Games: Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Mother 3, Final Fantasy VI, Ori and the Blind Forest, DK Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, BioShock Infinite.
    Mainly many Nintendo Games.

    Favourite Music: I've really gotten a lot into soundtracks lately.

    Favourite Films: The Dark Knight, The Prestige, My Name is Khan, Gladiator, Toy Story 3, Mulan, Tarzan.

    Favourite Books: A Song of Ice and Fire.

    Favourite Food: Anything! Latino Food FTW!

    Hobbies: Videogames.

    About Me: I guess I like videogames.

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