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    < Wright posted something on miz1q2w3e's wall:

    Come back to the chat!

    I love you but naah

    on 31 October 2017

    Why not? D:

    on 31 October 2017

    I was never really able to get into it. It's not my thing, I guess.

    on 31 October 2017


    on 31 October 2017

    < spurgeonryan posted something on miz1q2w3e's wall:

    Is this still my punishment? I will pay you for the photobucket fee.

    I think the best thing to do it to download the images you need, and upload them to an account of your own.

    Having a separate account should solve the bandwidth problem.

    Having said that, here is the image I think you're referring to, uploaded to imgur: https://i.imgur.com/UyXoHXv.gif

    on 26 October 2017

    It is my dog and the old newcomer th..... Well you did all my stuff so everything is gone.

    on 26 October 2017

    I don't know to which dog you're referring, but here's the newcomer banner: https://imgur.com/a/jl8s2

    Here's your sig: https://i.imgur.com/UyXoHXv.gif

    And here's the entire PhotoBucket account, just in case: http://s1110.photobucket.com/user/SkinnyMiz/library/

    on 31 October 2017

    Regardless, let me know if there are any old pics you need, since I actually keep a backup of that kind of old stuff on an HDD.

    on 31 October 2017

    I am not sure what it meant by dig....dog.... Sig maybe?

    Thank you Miz the Magician!

    on 31 October 2017

    No problem, buddy

    on 01 November 2017

    < spurgeonryan posted something on miz1q2w3e's wall:

    Miz your photobucket account is closed, can I send you some money to update it? My sig is dead.....

    Have you thought about using Imgur?

    on 07 July 2017

    Not sure, they are his pictures.

    on 07 July 2017

    < Margaret11 posted something on miz1q2w3e's wall:

    Hello dear

    my name is Margaret Cudal am 28 years old and i am single, i am a USA Military / NATO, from United State Of America,

    please contact me on my email address for more details about me okay


    How dare you!

    on 06 July 2017

    < spurgeonryan posted something on miz1q2w3e's wall:

    So umm....miz.........I know you are like a doctor or something....but could you take out the teddy bear in my eye that used to be Kap-is avatar and put SAnty clause?

    haha, oh spruge :p

    You wanna put Santa Claus in your avatar's eye?

    on 19 December 2016


    on 19 December 2016

    haha, there


    on 19 December 2016

    Hey thanks, You know I found Darwin who does this for me sometimes. But there is nothing like the real deal.

    on 19 December 2016


    on 19 December 2016

    "the real deal"

    Now I'm sad. :'(

    on 19 December 2016

    I'm sorry, :( but he was my original guy. You def. Are talented though, not saying real deal in that way.

    on 19 December 2016

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    Chun-Li has been through rough times in the past year.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2017

    This thread: I lol'd...

    Write 39

    VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2016 - Quarter-finals - Wright vs TruckOSaurus

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 January 2017

    Shiiiiiiiiiit, I can't vote....

    Write 24

    VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2016 - Stage 2 Wrap Up

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 January 2017

    vivster said: So 88% percent of this mod run contest are mods or otherwise officially involved in the site. I'm starting to see a pattern here. You should apologize to Wright for using him as the pleb quota. lmao...


    Education: Computer Engineer

    Height: 0'0

    Build: Other

    Eye colour: Brown

    Hair colour: Black

    Zodiac sign: Gemini

    Relationship status: Single

    Favourite Games: Super Mario Galaxy :D
    Zelda series
    Super Smash Brothers
    Paper Mario
    MARIO KARt Wii!!
    Fire Emblem
    Donkey Kong
    Mario Party
    .. as well as most other nintendo games

    No More Heroes, De Blob, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Sonic :( , MegamanX, Tales games, Need for Speed, Muramasa, World of Goo, Plants vs Zombies, Bit.Trip Beat, Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia, C&C Red Alert Series, Prototype, MegaManX&NT... tons more too lazy to list

    Favourite Music: Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap

    Favourite Films: Animation movies
    Parody movies
    Horror movies when they're accually scary

    Favourite Books: lol

    Favourite Food: Italian food
    American food (junk food lol)
    Arabic food :3

    Hobbies: Drawing/sketching, photoshopping (forum avatars, sigs...etc), coding, video games!!

    Game Stats

    • 278 total number of games
    • 0 games in common
    • 7.8 average game rating
    • Wii favourite console (96 games)
    • Platform favourite genre (54 games)
    • 48% of games completed