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< LemonSlice posted something on novasonic's wall:

Ah Remember Me, one of the better surprises of last year for me.

Yeah, I actually really enjoyed it. I don't know why everyone crapped all over it. It was maybe a little ambitious for such a small developer, but it was still a damn fine game. I came across it new for $9.95 and couldn't resist.

on 01 December 2014

There were many people who enjoyed it, though the consensus seems to be split. It's rather unique, especially in it's story and visuals. And the gameplay can be rather sweet at times, if we ignore the overly simplified platforming and extreme linearity. I recommend Enslaved: Odyssey to the West if you haven't played it.

on 01 December 2014

The X-mas Kid boss fight is when the game really started clicking for me. I've picked up Enslaved in the store a few times before to look at, but never pulled the trigger. Next time I see it for cheap, I'll probably pick it up. I haven't been working for a while, so I have to ignore all those fancy new WiiU games and focus on the older cheap PS3 games.

on 02 December 2014

< Ninten78 posted something on novasonic's wall:

I think it says a lot that the Wii U is selling 60k a week in summer,the page has finally turned for Wii U. 25M here Wii come ;)

< Ninten78 posted something on novasonic's wall: Check it out :)

< Ninten78 posted something on novasonic's wall:

After Xbox One's low sales after Price cut I increased my prediction for Wii U 25M to 27M,Go Wii U! :D

Even I was expecting a bigger boost than that. It's not too surprising though. The Xbox barely sold more than the GCN and a massive chunk of those 360 sales are RROD replacements. Xbox is not as big of a brand as a lot of people think it is.

on 24 June 2014

< Ninten78 posted something on novasonic's wall:

I see in your sig you see the Wii U outselling GCN,I do to.25M I think

That's reasonable. I'm hoping for closer to 30m. The people saying it will be 15m are kidding themselves. It will be past that by the end of 2015.

on 17 June 2014

Exactly.I think 10M end of this year.6M 2015,4M 2016,2M 2017,1M 2018.I think Wii U successor in 2018.I hope for more than 30M but I know it will outsell GCN.

on 17 June 2014

With the 2015 line up and a small price cut around the holiday season, we could see 8m in 2015. 5m 2016. 5m 2017 + next console release. 2m. 2018. 1m 2019. That's what the optimistic fan boy in me says anyways..

on 17 June 2014

I'd guess 25-30 million. Anything below 20 million just doesn't make sense!

on 17 June 2014

Right! People arn't using actual logic for the lower the 20M,Wii U will outsell GCN.

on 17 June 2014

it s not kidding,it s antipathy!that groundless alignment argument,wii u is below be just a slow start and wii u suddenly outsell it?wii u critisizers,i don't understand why,keep forgetting that gc got a price cut in the same period,wii u hasn't yet...and come on we re talking about Nintendo...not sega ,in a bigger market than 6thgen...!I m looking forward to know why x.x.x.x.x!

on 09 August 2014

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Win 10 ready to pass OSX in usage Share

in Microsoft Discussion on 25 August 2015

'Bout time Microsoft jumped on the free OS bandwagon....

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GB advance, SP or DS lite ?

in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2015

If you're going to get a GBA, get the late model SP, The early SP model's back light switched between off and dim. The late model ones switched between dim and bright. MUCH better. I'm not sure what the exact model numbers are, but you could look that up online easy enough....

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Canadian Federal Election 2015 - Next Debate: September 17, 2015

in Politics Discussion on 06 August 2015

This election has me really concerned. The NDP has tricked too many people into thinking they're the best option. This happened in BC during the early '70s and early '90s. There seems to be this cycle where every 20 years or so, people collectively think, "Hey, maybe the NDP is good now," and then they quickly realize they're mistake. We must learn from history!!...


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