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    badgenome's Wall

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    < Carl posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Come back, we are posting porn.


    on 05 February 2016

    < padib posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Happy holidays, sexy.

    < Wright posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    < hatmoza posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Get your sweet jello ass back on this website so I can make you feel pretty again.

    < noname2200 posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's PC Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!


    < Carl posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Come back, fucker!

    < XanderXT posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Who is your avatar?

    < spenderzz posted something on badgenome's wall:


    < AZWification posted something on badgenome's wall:

    I really hope you'll come back one day. I need your funny posts in my life!

    < d21lewis posted something on badgenome's wall:

    You'll come back when your country music career fails. And when you do, I'll be here to love you.

    *blows kiss*

    < NiKKoM posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Just be honest.. Is it over? If so.. Dibs on Badgenomes porn collection

    Dips on his corpse.

    on 14 August 2015

    As if you have enough room for that collection.

    on 26 August 2015

    < Wright posted something on badgenome's wall:

    NIER 2 M8!

    < NiKKoM posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Where are you? Please tell me that the reason you aren't here is that you have a hair transplant surgery where they take your pubic hair and plant them on your head..

    No. Other way around.

    on 12 June 2015

    < Carl posted something on badgenome's wall:


    on 09 June 2015


    on 12 June 2015


    on 13 June 2015

    Jiggle,jiggle :)

    on 17 July 2015

    I'll just borrow that gif while I'm here......

    on 18 August 2015

    < Carl posted something on badgenome's wall:

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    < Wright posted something on badgenome's wall:

    So, you haven't played The Consequence yet?

    < Wright posted something on badgenome's wall:

    A heads-up (well, if I can stop staring at that gif, of course).

    Revelations 2 is very disappointing on a technical level. This aside, it is probably one of the most strangest Capcom/Resident evil games I've played. It tries to do some really random stuff, at times, and I honestly have to say it surprised me. There's just an overall disconnection between what's happening, what you're doing and what people are saying that I couldn't really understood what was the director's idea with this new take on Revelations. But I don't say this in the bad sense, as craziness has always been something present in Capcom games. I found it pleasant, and while the core material never really changes much, you're doing something from one moment and then do some weird shit the next one; it doesn't help (but again, in the good sense) that every structured chapter tries to be radically different from each other.

    Also, there's tons of fanservice thrown at the player, with hilarious quotes coming from Barry and Claire. While they didn't make me laugh, I did chuckle a bit in happiness. They're campy, but never overstays their welcome. Also, achievement/trophies have some really bad puns added in its titles.

    I was just playing the extra content (from the physical version), and I'm really surprised, as, once again, they shook the core game and added some random stuff (not to spoil anything at all, but I'm HUNTING. As in, hunting stuff for eating). Seriously, who came up with this?

    You should definitively play it and give me your opinion. Also, Barry is a badass, although I more often that not had to be playing as their partner because, on a negative note, you can't find secret items unless you go playing with the side partner (which acts like a walking GENESIS from the original Revelation). A minor problem, though!

    I'm definitely gonna check it out soon. Maybe once I finish off Hotline Miami and Type-0 I'll make RER2 my next game.

    Just how bad are the technical problems, though? Bad enough to hinder gameplay, or just kind of unpleasant to look at?

    on 23 March 2015

    Oh, nothing that really gets in the way of the gameplay (aside from some moments, on which things get ugly), but if you stand idle for a bit, everything kinda gets sorted out and then you can play seamless. It is very ugly to look at, though, especially when the game starts stuttering out of nowhere.

    Also, frame-rate drops on pre-rendered cutscenes, but hey. At least that's not gameplay!

    on 24 March 2015

    Oh, okay. A little jank never hurt anyone. I'll just pretend I'm playing EDF!

    on 24 March 2015

    BTW, Kurayami mode was pretty cool! The Assignment was much more atmospheric that way. I wonder if they'll do it again in The Consequence, which - as cool as The Assignment was - I hope will be more action oriented.

    More than that, though, I'm really looking forward to playing as The Keeper.

    on 24 March 2015

    Considering Kidman keeps her gun, I'd say that's a given.

    on 24 March 2015

    Looks like we'll find out on April 21!

    on 24 March 2015

    < Carl posted something on badgenome's wall:

    Its been a while.

    on 18 March 2015


    on 18 March 2015

    Oh, how I've missed you.

    on 18 March 2015

    So life like.

    on 31 March 2015

    Who has summoned me?

    on 13 April 2015

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