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< pbroy posted something on badgenome's wall:

7 hours ago

Epic... Haha

7 hours ago

< Carl2291 posted something on badgenome's wall:

I know you want Hotline Miami 2 just as much as me, if not more... So check out this which is apparently in the game. 3 minute mark onwards is *intense* man

15 hours ago

Oh, yes. I can see it now.

*bursts through the doors*

*instantly shotguns a guy in the face*

*shotguns a charging, knife wielding enforcer at the last second*

*gets eaten by a dog*

*presses X to restart*

15 hours ago

I would let a dog eat me to the soundtrack of Hotline Miami.

15 hours ago

Incidentally, I finally played Walking Dead Season 2 and have been obsessing lately over how amazing Telltale's Tales from Hotline Miami could be.

15 hours ago

*Murder with Knife or Murder with Machete*

15 hours ago

Neither cuz I am wearing Tony the Tiger!

14 hours ago

Naturally, I choose the Grasshopper. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt!

14 hours ago

That seems like an awfully biased choice.

14 hours ago

< Carl2291 posted something on badgenome's wall:

Now your wall is pretty.

4 days ago

< Wright posted something on badgenome's wall:

Just out of curiosity, I never really got to play (at least for more than five minutes due to circumstances) Lost Planet. The game doesn't look bad, but for some reason I never thought about purchasing and playing it. Is it worth it? It's Inafune's baby along Dead Rising after all, but... I'd rather hear your opinion first.

Well, it's no Dead Rising! But I thought it was pretty cool in the way that a lot of Japanese games are when they are a little more ambitious than what they can properly pull off. The T-energy system can get kind of annoying, but it does add to the intensity of the experience. And the boss fights are, of course, great. I'd say if you can find a cheap used copy it's definitely worth giving it a playthrough. The only downside is that the online was a lot of fun but is surely long dead now.

on 19 January 2015

< Wright posted something on badgenome's wall:

I just beat Binary Domain. The ending, outside the Serious Sam post-credit sequence, was a bit underwhelming to my taste. Kind of like Vanquish (heh, because both actually share some similarities) with its awful cliffhanger ending.

That being said, the rest of the game, albeit a bit repetitive towards the end, is awesome. It's a shame the developer didn't use Trust System's potential to its fullest, because it's probably one of the most unique character-development tool I've ever come across in a videogame.

Yeah, it was a great idea that was just kind of half-assedly implemented. But at least they realized the full potential of French robots.

on 19 January 2015

Yeah, about that...

Cain completely vanished from my playthrough. :(

on 19 January 2015

Should have been more trustworthy, IMO!

on 19 January 2015

B-but I was! The only two I never really got along with were the British pair, because no matter what they always found a way to leave my team and not interact at all with me.

Heck, I even maximized Kurosawa for the brief time you are with him. I don't know what's with japanese people and headshots, but they love 'em!

on 19 January 2015

I really love that game. It's a better Gears of War than Gears of War. Crunching through robot armor is so much more satisfying than just shooting meat bags.

on 19 January 2015

It's certainly a unique kind. I also loved causing robots to shoot themselves. And your partners truly do what you order them to do (and that despite Dan being outranked by everyone, really).

I kinda want to see how is it played with Kinect, shouting at the TV. Must be an "inmersive" experience xD

on 19 January 2015

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Would you date a transsexual?

in Website Feedback 9 hours ago

Okay, I change my vote....

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Capcom: Resident Evil 7 Will Blow Your Minds

in Gaming Discussion 11 hours ago

shikamaru317 said: I wish that Capcom would allow a western studio, Capcom Vancouver perhaps, to develop an action spin-off game based on the RE movies. I like the movies, and it would be awesome to play as a total badass like Alice. If they're still on good terms with Capcom after DmC, I think Ninja Theory would be a good candidate for that....

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Capcom: Resident Evil 7 Will Blow Your Minds

in Gaming Discussion 11 hours ago

Wizz_Beard_thePirate said:I know I know! There are other horror games but RE was one the pinicle of horror games and set the example as to how horror games should be done! I want it to return to that greatness at least once more As far as I can remember, Resident Evil was never called Silent Hill....


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