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So is PS4 "saved" in Japan?

in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago by Alby_da_Wolf

Cthulhu saved the world, why should he have neglected PS4? And why did he actually neglect Wii U and PSV? Great Old Ones are strange......

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Describe your dream girl/guy?

in General Discussion 2 hours ago by bugrimmar

Ideal people do not exist. As soon as you meet and get to know an "ideal person", that "ideal" quickly fades away and you just learn to accept the flaws that every person has. After all, the moment you think someone is perfect, you're already setting yourself up for disappointment; there's no such thing as a perfect person and we should all be satisfied with what we have....

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My Body Is Ready starting this month

in Gaming Discussion 15 hours ago by Xxain

Do you have bills to pay? Even if I could, I Would never pre purchase that many games. ...

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Controller vibration - Do you use it?

in Gaming Discussion 23 hours ago by UltimateUnknown

I insta turn it off when I get the console. In MP games it's a hindrance to have the controller vibrate every time you shoot/do something else. It just makes your aim worse. For SP games it could be ok but I can't be bothered to keep turning it on and off for every game. So I just prefer to have it off all the time....

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Next Gen Hot Shots Golf announced Exclusively for PS4!

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by Baalzamon

Love these games!!!...

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Why isn't the media covering the killing of an unarmed white youth by a black police officer?

in Politics Discussion 1 day ago by DonFerrari

alabtrosMyster said: DonFerrari said: The_Yoda said: The most level headed realistic comment I've seen thus far. For a site centering around data I'm surprised I've seen nothing but anecdotal evidence.   Edit: I hadn't seen SocialistSlayer's comments yet. Those that live by the sword die by the sword, isn't the thug culture wonderful? It even gets non-thugs killed....

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Can the PS4 outsell the 3DS in 2014?

in Sales Discussion 2 days ago by BraLoD

PS4 is our new champion, 3DS can rest now. I doubt PS4 will ever be outsold in a year basis by anything in this gen....

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16th August HW up; + adjustments; PS4 at 9.9M

in Latest Charts 4 days ago by Smeags

Now that WebMasterFlex got another shot in for good measure, and the new data is up, this thread is no longer needed. Locking....

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Did Sony lose Japan?

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by TheJimbo1234

baloofarsan said: TheJimbo1234 said: PigPen said: Or Japan lost consoles. With the mess their culture is in for young men, few have the time or energy to spend on games nowadays, hence why only handhelds are sold in great numbers. Would you care to elaborate on " culture for young men" ? School, study, work - repeat. The fact that they have...

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Welcome to VGCharts!! (first thread ever created on VGC)

in Website Issues 6 days ago by Slarvax

I might as well :-) I have to say, I love finding this old threads and reading through them. Finding the old users, looking at the many many bans (seriously, what the hell?), and just sad that I joined so late. This is a truly awesome place, I hope it just keeps getting better and better (at least the users will always entertain!)...

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So it turns out the PS4 does have software authentication...

in Sony Discussion on 24 August 2014 by oldschoolfool

I love the controller as it fits my small hands so perfectly....

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PS4 500GB Hard Drive Disk is enough?

in Sony Discussion on 24 August 2014 by cheryl

yes, to me is enough. when i finish a game that game i will never touch again so i usually delete from hard disk. only i keep the games i buy on store....

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How do you organize Final Fantasy?

in Gaming Discussion on 24 August 2014 by Turkish

Classic 3: 1-3 Evolved 3: 4-6 "Best" 3: 7-10 (Sakaguchi leaves after X) Post "Best": X-2-15...

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I am sad ... Really sad

in Gaming Discussion on 23 August 2014 by The Fury

archer9234 said: I just stop buying comics that get bad. The Red Hulk comic line I quit after 11 issues. My god it was so awful and insulting to established stories done in the other Hulk comics. I never buy just to support a series. I've love a lot of comics that constantly get axed. But I don't buy crap when stories go competely left field. Or Marvel/DC is cool to axe a comic and then...

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Website Issue list 2014

in Website Issues on 22 August 2014 by AZWification

said: AZWification said: Hmm.. The plot thickens! :-P   Female users/XBO Empire conspiracy confirmed? Seriously though! Both of threads are still glitched up! What the hell, ioi?! >_>...

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Empire Magazine - The 100 Greatest Games of all Time

in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2014 by KLAMarine

Lawlight said:The Last of Us being #1 makes sense. Not above Uncharted 2: U2 had better writing....

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Would VG Chartz descent into anarchy if there was no one controlling the Forums?

in Gaming Discussion on 19 August 2014 by ExplodingBlock


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July 2014 NPD Thread! PS4: 187k, XBO: 131k, Wii U: 81k

in Sales Discussion on 19 August 2014 by sully1311

tbone51 said: sidmeiernintifan said:It was just confirmed on neogaf that 3DS sold 108k , 28% less than last year IIRC what I read Yeap, just saw it, undertracked, but just by 5-6k. Looks like 3DS isnt doing bad especially after seeing its last big releases was just Kirby+Tomodachi.    Edit: Damn no MK8 #s, only that its greater than 115k. TLoU did very well, 255k...

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Did Talonman forsee our currect downfall

in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2014 by AZWification

spurgeonryan said:Each time we complain he just gets mad and does something rash. Just leave it be until he is ready. ...

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Best main series COD game

in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2014 by Squeezol

Modern Warfare 2, but to be honest, that's the only one I played more than 2 hours....

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