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Why Don't You Like Neogaf? (Or why do you?)

in Gaming Discussion 25 minutes ago by Sixteenvolt420

Can't stand the layout....

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The Official Anime Discussion Thread (Spring 2015 Edition!)

in Movies Discussion 45 minutes ago by Captain_Yuri

Random Picture of the Day: When battleships dress casually [img][/img]...

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The Truck Stop - Website Development Updates - Keyboard navigation, yes or no?

in Announcements 3 hours ago by Conegamer

NiKKoM said: Conegamer said:People don't like our idea Starcraft it seems. We will keep our special calendar for now it seems then but I do think something which alerts you when friends have a birthday (be it a notification, a cake on their avatar Etc) would be useful and opt in ofcourse. It would help make things feel like more of a community and it's something which we've seen...

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The Last of Us is a good game…nothing more, nothing less

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by Coral

darkshadow23 said: KLAMarine said: Desertghost said: I'm curious then to what last generation game you consider to be a master-piece or "game of the generation"? GotG right here: CoD 4 was a great game. Definitely the best out of all the Call of Duty games, but for some reason MW2 gets all the praise. I don't really like giving games the title of GotG...

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating!

in Music Discussion 1 day ago by Tamron

Boutros said: Well honestly that's what Billboard said: "- Swift is the only act to earn three million-selling weeks with an album. She also racked up million-selling weeks with the debuts of Red (1.208 million) and Speak Now (1.047 million). She was already the only...

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My final Goodbye VGC, I Love You Guys (JayWood2010)

in Website Feedback 2 days ago by Veknoid_Outcast

The permaban on Jay was an unusual case, and due to his standing within the community he was allowed an unusual request: to say a final goodbye. He's done that. Now it's time to move on. I hope everyone has found closure. If you have any remaining questions or concerns, please direct them via PM to the mod team or post them in the mod...

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The OG NHL thread: Ducks and Hawks, Lightning and Rangers

in Sports Discussion 3 days ago by amp316

hollabackenny said: amp316 said:I have to say that the Hawks only having 4 capable defensemem has caught up to them. They should have held onto Nick Leddy. The Ducks should win in 6. It pains me to say so, but it's true. Leddy is much better than Timonen. Can't say I hate the Ducks beating Chicago though.  I can outskate Timomen......

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Are you a Nintendo Fan? (poll)

in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago by Ledreppe

IAmCrimsonLegion said: I have a love/hate relationship with Nintendo. I love their first party games, I love how charming they are, and I love how they take me back to a more imaginative and innocent time. Their console hardware and controllers, however, just deter me from really investing in 'em like I want to. I don't care for motion controls or the gamepad at all. Their relationships...

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Bloodborne Review Thread - MetaCritic 93% ~ GameRankings 91.47%

in Sony Discussion on 13 May 2015 by Nate4Drake

Wagram said:Wouldn't be AAA without one click bait review. ahahaha you are so right :)...

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Yooka Laylee Kickstarter is Live Now and Reached All Goals in 24 Hours (Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor)

in Gaming Discussion on 12 May 2015 by Turkish

Augen said: Samus Aran said: But isn't Yooka-Laylee doing better atm? Anyway this is a good read: I actually really like th eidea of stretch goal being to make sure the game is done on time rather than expanding content almost guaranteeing it will be delayed 6-12...

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VGChartz is 44 days behind in sales updates

in Gaming Discussion on 11 May 2015 by Captain_Yuri

I feel like we should have one giant thread about sales misses instead of different threads each week about it...

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VGStockz: Nintendo FY end report on May 7th

in Sales Discussion on 10 May 2015 by Teeqoz

Gilgamesh said: megaman79 said: True. But what Im saying is I wouldn't be so naive to expect the largest corporations on the planet to go down without a fight (regardless of climate change).  The Energy giants can, in all honesty, crush Tesla like an ant.  I think they had there oppurtunity, but at this point where Teslas now getting into the space explorations...

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How should I help my friend who is getting bullied.

in Politics Discussion on 09 May 2015 by ReimTime

Teeqoz said: kowenicki said:Mindfulness Control your own thoughts and thus your own emotions. Nobody else can control your thoughts unless you let them. Some might brush this off as silly, but it's the best suggestion in this thread. Also does he do any pasttime activites/sports? You should suggest he start with martial arts, not to beat his bullies up, but to have something...

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The Void - New indept virtual worlds built around a real environment

in Gaming Discussion on 09 May 2015 by MohammadBadir

Lyoko is here, lol....

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What Have You Accomplished On The Site?

in Introduce Yourself on 01 May 2015 by Ultrashroomz

I've met a lot of great people on this site that I now talk to rather frequently, and I've been able to express my opinion regarding the gaming community....

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Anime - Dragon Ball Is Getting Its First New TV Anime in 18 Years

in Movies Discussion on 01 May 2015 by Solid-Stark

KingdomHeartsFan said: Solid-Stark said:Awesome. I hope the soundtrack kicks ass. They could re-use almost everything from the original DBZ and I'd be happy. Ah yes, I would have no problem with that....

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Are China Sales The Missing 900,000?

in Sales Discussion on 30 April 2015 by jlmurph2

johnsobas said: Playstation_prophet said:Ok, things are a lot clearer. I appreciate the info. What was the estimate that Brett added for the China sales of PS4? I wish I knew the answer for that question, i don't think Brett has any idea either.   Sony shipped 200k and I don't recall news of selling out so less than 200k...

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Video Game Prices in Canada. Being Raised Again?

in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2015 by NavyNut

Oh well, when the dollar will go back to parity the price will probably stay inflated but when it goes down hurry up and raise those prices lol. At that price I'll probably wont buy any game at launch....

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Sony Xperia Z4 Announced!

in Mobile Discussion on 30 April 2015 by TheGoldenBoy

Apparently they're going to release this version internationally as the Z3+....

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Without Playstation, would the industry be in another crisis?

in Gaming Discussion on 28 April 2015 by Samus Aran

daredevil.shark said: @Samus- BTW take my two points why Nintendos isnt perfect. Point 1: The motion technology of Wii was illegally obtained and Nintendo lost to Philips. This was proven in court. Source: Point 2: 3DS technology used another persons patent which was also illegally used....

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