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The Official Anime Discussion Thread

in General Discussion 9 hours ago by Conegamer

We've a new thread for this: Please re-direct any discussion there. Locking this....

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Hardware Sales in Japan, 2000 to 2013

in Sales Discussion 1 day ago by

Shadow1980 said: Well, shipments do provide an upper limit.   True, but to be honest, that's kind of the low-hanging fruit.  I guess what I'm trying to wrap my head around is whether it's possible to use existing shipment data to piece together the likely distribution of sales.  Like, if you look at a system over its lifetime, you have a series of known data...

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PS Vita no longer available at major retailers!

in Gaming Discussion on 18 July 2014 by IkePoR

SubiyaCryolite said:Shame,it had so much potential When you've got  a sloppy/lack of strategy with your own device and unforgiviable backward compatibility, you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot.  Not to mention something cheaper undercutting you in the 3DS.   Sony has a terrible habit of releasing a portable device and then throwing it to the wolves, leaving...

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The Last of Us PS3 version sells 7 million - Currently 4.64 million on VG Chartz

in Sales Discussion on 16 July 2014 by Conegamer

Sorry, this has been posted Locking...

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Post Your Mind

in General Discussion on 14 July 2014 by Numberfox

Sleep deprived and wondering why the heck I can't sleep right now; and why my ipad keyboard likes to disappear every other word......

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The last song to make you tear up

in Music Discussion on 08 July 2014 by dan_banan

Augen said: TruckOSaurus said: The soundtrack to Amélie is just plain wonderful. Yann Tiersen is amazing. Indeed, it is my favorite romance film and bought the soundtrack instantly, makes me feel a wide range of emotions. yes yes! amélie is amazing and so is the soundtrack!...

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Favorite Girl in Gaming

in Gaming Discussion on 05 July 2014 by cheshirescat

A lady who gets nowhere near enough recognition, Cate Archer, from No One Lives Forever.  ...

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Start a horrible rumor about the person above you

in General Discussion on 29 June 2014 by Carl2291

Ps3 said:Ate rotten dog crap! No....

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How to avoid getting banned in VG Chartz!

in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2014 by gergroy

Quick, anfebious, comment again so you can be last!...

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Convince me to sell my Wii U and my 30 Wii U games to buy a PS4

in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2014 by Squall_Leonhart

I hate all these 'convince me' threads popping up... You either want the console or you don't, why ask people to convince you! I say keep your Wii U however...

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HP unveils "The Machine" the future of computers

in PC Discussion on 23 June 2014 by Nettles

Looks like he's completed the Rubiks Cube puzzle already....

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Sony and Games

in Sony Discussion on 22 June 2014 by Gilgamesh

Teeqoz said: Gilgamesh said: So this always seems to be a reacuring thing every gen, PS has no games, PS2 has no games, PS3 has no games, PSP has no games, PS4 has no games, PSVita has no games. Has people actually claimed that? I meant in the beginning when it first launched....

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What smartphone should I buy?

in General Discussion on 20 June 2014 by NintendoMonkey33

I really love the LG G2 so I would suggest the G3. My next phone will probably either be that or the S5. ...

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Website Issue list 2014

in Website Issues on 19 June 2014 by kirby007

Fusioncode said: gergroy said:so... is ioi letting this site die? The tracking is abysmal and the forums haven't gotten an update in forever. I'm inclined to say yes. It seems strange that ioi devotes so much attention to Gamewise when it's a much less popular site and gets very little traffic.  While the traffic rank is much lower, it has much more FB and...

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Anyone else excited for No Man's Sky

in Sony Discussion on 17 June 2014 by mibuokami

My game of E3... not sure if I want to play this on the PC or PS4. My hope is that they have a single server for both :)...

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[Staff] The gamrConnect Community and How We View Avatars and Signatures

in Announcements on 17 June 2014 by kirby007

^ jizz_beard would be my guess...

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Do you wish Uncharted 4 was going to look like Zelda U ?

in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2014 by prayformojo

I actually wish Zelda looked like Uncharted. I'm ready for a full mature Zelda with modern tech. It would be amazing....

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PewDiePie generated $4 million in 2013!

in General Discussion on 16 June 2014 by anthony64641

Gilgamesh said: Hmm so he made less then 2012? Here are the top 40 channel partner earnings for the year 2012 (listed in order of least to most earned). #40: TimothyDeLaGhetto – $1 million (553 million total video views) #39: SHAYTARDS – $1 million (809m views) #38: Shane Dawson – $1 million (1 billion views) #37: TheRadBrad – $1 million (774m...

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The one remaster we NEED on next gen

in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2014 by Scisca

Ka-pi96 said:Why? Wouldn't you rather have Elder Scrolls 6? I hate when people say ignorant crap like this. A young, inexperienced second team makes a remake in a matter of months. Your best, main team makes a sequel in a matter of years. One thing has absolutely no influence on the other, is it really so hard to understand?   I for one hope for quite a lot of remakes, pretty...

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Uncharted 4 first trailer and Uncharted 1 first trailer : Comparison

in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2014 by Shinobi-san

Hynad said: Shinobi-san said: Shinobi-san said: Shinobi-san said:Will gameplay actually look like this though? Naughty Dog started the whole thing where they show you footage from a PS4 system...but the game doesnt really look like that during actual gameplay. Also, every gaming website calls the footage CGI :/ If this is gameplay then theres a...

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