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< tak13 posted something on TalonMan's wall:

I didn't word my issue rightly.

I'm sending the message ( then page reloads ) but it doesn't seem to be received by the person for whom is destined.

Usually, doesn't a sent message appear in sent list?

Yes - it should appear in the Sent list, when it's sent. Does this happen for ALL people you try to PM? Or, only specific people?

on 06 January 2019

Yeah, to all but I just checked if I still have this issue and it's not happening anymore.
Thanks for your time.

on 06 January 2019

< Ka-pi96 posted something on TalonMan's wall:

Welcome back TalonDood

I'm back, and hopefully the Wall features are working now, too... ;)

on 21 December 2018

< COKTOE posted something on TalonMan's wall:

Hey, just noticed you got the classic theme applied to the articles/news section. Nice work, and fast too!

Yup!! And just finished updating all the Charts, too! :)

on 19 December 2018

< kirby007 posted something on TalonMan's wall:

Dont overwork yourself capice?

Thanks for writing on my wall, btw - I notice this butt-ugly green box now!!! LOL!!

on 13 December 2018

The recent wall post thing?

on 13 December 2018

When you go to add a comment - you get this nasty looking green box with the green "Add" button. It looks like shit... :(

on 13 December 2018

< kirby007 posted something on TalonMan's wall:

So i rewatched the show lately, it hasnt aged well even he-man aged better. But thats because im a fan of skeletor

Thundercats always has been, and always WILL be, better than He-Man!!! He-Man is a bigger man-child than Lion-O, but at least Lion-O has an excuse....

on 17 November 2018

Rose tinted glasses

on 17 November 2018

Meh - rose-tinted or not, facts are facts!!! Lion-O physically aged in a capsule, but had no opportunity to mentally progress - he had to learn everything as he went along.

He-Man, on the other hand, had no such limitations to his aging - and yet he's the most retarded superhero there could be with his "fearless friend" - bah!

I liked He-Man - but if you making me choose between the two, He-Man loses IMMEDIATELY!!!! :P

on 17 November 2018

Well like i said i like skeletor, best villain from that era

on 17 November 2018

Pfft - Mumra would make Skeletor soup out of his ass...

on 17 November 2018

The Thundercats are badass ... but I'd have to say Skeletor would mop up the floor with Mumra

on 20 November 2018

And there we hsve the truth from the hero on vgc! Haha

on 20 November 2018

You guys are both HIGH!!

From wikipedia (which is, of course, the bearer of all truth!!):

Skeletor: Depicted as a muscular blue humanoid with a purple hood over his yellow bare-bone skull.

Mumm-ra: He is an undead evil sorcerer bound to the servitude of four malevolent, godlike entities known as the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

A humanoid vs. an undead evil sorcerer?!?! Let me say that again - he's UNDEAD! He does NOT DIE! He just goes ON and ON and ON - chanting for his Ancient Spirits of Evil to bring him back over and over again!

Pfft - a Skeletor vs. Mumm-ra fight (while cool as fuck) wouldn't make it past the first round!!!

on 20 November 2018

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Which Site Theme Do You Use?

in Website Topics 3 days ago

Keybladewielder said: Also, I know this is kinda off-topic, but I wonder why I can't see the scores I give to the games in my collection (even with the standard theme).. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=8949708...

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Which Site Theme Do You Use?

in Website Topics 4 days ago

Mar1217 said: I didn't even know (You can crucify me for my sinful ignorance if you want so :P ) You're definitely not alone - hence, the reason this poll was started...  ;-)...

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Which Site Theme Do You Use?

in Website Topics 5 days ago

FYI - I've noticed some of the comments about the incomplete "dark" areas. That's on me, got distracted with a few other things. At this point, the "blue" theme is about 90% complete site-wide, while "dark" is only at about 60-70% complete. Once a few things are cleared from my plate, I'll get back to it - I promise......


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