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< Ka-pi96 posted something on KBG29's wall:

Oh... "Kevyn B Grams" in your sig, I guess that's where your username comes from?

It's always made me think of the Russian KGB

Yeah, he quotes himself in his signature, lest he not get the credit he feels he deserves,

on 07 May 2018

< Zappykins posted something on KBG29's wall:

Nice thoughts in your footer.

< MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on KBG29's wall:

my dream car

< Proxy-Pie posted something on KBG29's wall:

Who's that girl in your profile pic? :3

She's Srt Viper. She just keeps getting hotter every year.

on 11 September 2014


on 11 September 2014

She's a real beauty!

on 12 September 2014

< Blistex posted something on KBG29's wall:









watch them all find the one that gives free psn code,xbox one code,wii code and stem code.

< Kaizar posted something on KBG29's wall:

3D Movies of 2014 Thread:


Trailers are in the 4th OP.

3D Movies of 2013 Thread:


Trailers are also on the 5th OP of the 3D Movies of 2014 link.

on 17 April 2014

< fashionstore posted something on KBG29's wall:

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< MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on KBG29's wall:

Viper as your avatar!!! all i can do is dream. and i will.

< Kaizar posted something on KBG29's wall:

Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and also check out the OP:


Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:


Star Wars episode 7,8,9, & sides Thread:


< noname2200 posted something on KBG29's wall:

Hello! You are cordially invited to join our site’s third Steam Secret Santa event. Come help keep this community tradition alive, while also giving and receiving some great games. If you’re interested in joining, just PM me or post in this thread:


by the 20th. Looking forward to seeing you there, and have a happy holiday season!

< non-gravity posted something on KBG29's wall:

Hey would you like to join the 10 Week Countdown 2012? It's a competition where we predict weekly sales. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=148950&page=1#

< spurgeonryan posted something on KBG29's wall:

What has happened that made your beautiful life happen?

Plastic surgery, I suppose.

on 15 March 2012

I started to live my life for myself. I used to want to please everyone, and really tried to express myself. Now I just sit back, and enjoy life.

on 19 August 2012

< KBG29 updated his status:

On a the way to a beautiful life.

< Seece posted something on KBG29's wall:

lol your sig is ooold man! 85 mill for Wii end of 09? be lucky to get that end of 10!

Lol! So where is it at now?

on 08 August 2011

87, but I said end of 10 not 11

on 08 August 2011

< scottie posted something on KBG29's wall:

What you would refer to as cheap crappy games I would refer to as extended audience games that are well designed and enjoyable for their target audience. Singstar is actually a pretty good game, and some of the eyetoy stuff is pretty fun. Good extended audience games like Wii Fit sell consoles, crappy games do not. I have yet to see any good extended audience titles for move or Natal, but I shall be watching the E3 conferences very closely, so perhaps we can talk about it more then

< Joel12345 posted something on KBG29's wall:

Your sig said a new MJ albulm and it did happen sadly :(

< rafichamp posted something on KBG29's wall:

add me on psn: rafichamp

< account2099 posted something on KBG29's wall:

sorry but im not buying it. The market is never wrong. What they say goes. Sony made the mistake of catering to what the market doesnt want.

People dont want value, they want the best functionality for less.

a 360 can play every multiplat on PS3...........at half the price or $100 less. Addons are addons, they arent needed to play a game. Thats Sonys problem, they are a 360 with a bluray player, not what the market wants right now.

< rafichamp posted something on KBG29's wall:

THANKS!! MJ 4 lyf3

< kungfusqurrel posted something on KBG29's wall:

well i agree with you, there are many reasons, and price is i think one of the biggest determining reasons why its not ahead today. when i say kids i was referring to teens or young adults, yes the adults with jobs will get them but its really the kids/teens that are most excited like i was when i bought my ps3 for $300 with help from my dad, i convinced him it was a dvd player and he could make use of it too. sonys decision to make the ps3 expensive is the problem, you have to get a 5-6 hundred dollar ps3 on top of that when it launched hd TVS at 27-32 inches cost even more, if sony actually came out with a lcd that would go with the ps3 for $600 like say a 26 inch or less i bet that would increase sales and people would really appreciate it and fully justify a 6 hundred dollar purchase. but then again there were a lack of games so that was another problem. sonys decision to price it high is i think the problem. they thought they were the only players. bill gates can charge anything he wants for windows, sony tried to do the same and it didnt go exactly as planed.

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