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< Seece posted something on kowenicki's wall:


< Seece posted something on kowenicki's wall:

Excited about the Windows 10 event?

I am. Could be very interesting and despite some fears around here I see only good for xbox. On a separate note, my bro was showing me some of the azure functionality last night. Its insane. MS will dominate cloud soon. Cleaning up.

on 19 January 2015

Likewise, looking forward to whatever they show regarding PC and Xbox, as long as it's bold and unafraid.

Nice to hear about Azure.

on 19 January 2015

< Kerotan posted something on kowenicki's wall:

That graph of nintendo stocks you posted is thread worthy. I'd say most on here don't know the bigger picture. You should make it.

< Carl2291 posted something on kowenicki's wall:

Thoughts on Ched Evans.

I dont have any opinion of him as a person, dont know enough about him. He is just a footballer. My opinion hasnt changed on him sice he was linked with a return to Sheff Utd. It hasnt changed 1% since he was linked with us, I promise you that. If I had my way, convicted rapists would never see the light of day. BUT, that isnt our system, so if you want to live in a world where criminals like this are released after serving their time then you HAVE to allow them to go about their lives. It is hypocritical in the extreme to say otherwise. The same mob (mainly the liberal left) bleating about this are the ones who would be bleating just as strongly about the civil liberties of hard criminals in prison and suspected or even guilty terrorists. Olver Holt (who I resepct) seems to agree with my view almost exactly, his blog is sensible and level headed (http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/convicted-rapist-ched-evans-repugnant-4929957). The more the minority mob mentality tries to prevent this the more I am sure he shoud be allowed to get on with it. I am sad at how it has divided my club though and it could be a major problem for us going forward. But I think its a price worth paying to stop the knee jerk crap that goes on in this country these days. Sick of PC bullshit and people being scared to say what they actually think. lan Brazil on talksport this morning was a clear example, he obviously agrees with him being allowed to come back but is scared to say it outright. Lastly, footballers are NOT role models. Any parent who allows their child to look upon footballers as a role model for life needs to tap their moral compass. Footballers are a role model in their application to their sport only, not in life.

on 08 January 2015

Good answer and I agree with you. I hope he gets going for you the same way he left Sheff U, firing on all cylinders. Its a big, big risk and I hope it works out for you.

on 08 January 2015

Its off. Death threats to staff of OAFC. Absolute disgrace. This country is a mess. Western society is a mess.

on 08 January 2015

Yeah, just seen it on Sky News now. Read up on it and apparently one of the board members had his daughters workplace sent to him, with threats of rape.

on 08 January 2015

Beyond fucked up.

on 08 January 2015

< kowenicki updated his status:

Back for NPD.... or earlier if I'm feeling mischievous.

Happy New Year to most of you in the meantime.

on 30 December 2014

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Xbox Undertracked!!

in Sales Discussion 2 hours ago

colafitte said: kowenicki said: colafitte said: OK, I see your post and in fact, I agree with you, but I don't see how can you assume one is beating the other when we don't know PS3 shipments. That's what I was saying and I thought you had numbers for PS3 to validate your opinion. If you have them, I'll be glad to know them. Look, if X360 is still ahead of PS3, I'm open to...

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Xbox Undertracked!!

in Sales Discussion 11 hours ago

colafitte said: kowenicki said: colafitte said: kowenicki said:   the xbox 360 is a year older.... compare last year with ps3 this year... its a fact.  Im surprised you even asked. It was a genuine question, I sincerly don't see where we can say for sure PS3 shipments are under X360. So if you consider it a fact, maybe you have the...

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Xbox Undertracked!!

in Sales Discussion 11 hours ago

Normchacho said: kowenicki said: yeps.  undeniable. 360 still in 2nd, never left 2nd and will remain 2nd.  PS3 is dying much quicker. fact. :-) Not fact. 360 in 2014, 2.563 million sold PS3 in 2014, 3.449 million sold 360 in 2015, 61,275 PS3 in 2015, 110,972 is this vgc?  lol did you read the OP?...


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