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< kowenicki a shadow of its former self.....
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< OnlyForDisplay posted something on kowenicki's wall:

Hey Kow-San! Thank you for accepting my friend request. I hope we can have some discussions soon! Until then Kow-San, take care!

< Seece posted something on kowenicki's wall:

Enjoy E3 dude!!!

< kowenicki updated his status:

a shadow of its former self.....

You're talking about yourself, right? =P

on 02 June 2015

no. this site and forum... obviously.

on 02 June 2015

I knew that's what you meant... Just wanted to make some fun out of it. You haven't been what you once were for quite some time yourself. But this has to be because you don't enjoy your time in the forums much anymore.

As far as I can tell, the forums are in a transitional state right now. And I think things will get better as time goes by.

Of course, I understand that your comment is mostly a reaction to Jaywood's ban. I've refrained myself from adressing that since his ban, except for one minor comment, and I will continue to do so.

I will just say that there are plenty of other good members around here, and that focusing entirely on the bad ones from the other fanbases isn't the way to go to enjoy your time around here.

There's more to the forums than Jaywood's contributions and Empire thread.

on 02 June 2015

Not much more to it to be honest. I rarely come here now and I dont see that changing.

on 02 June 2015

< kowenicki updated his status:

What a thoroughly enjoyable night and what a beautiful morning. "Hell yes" ?.... Hello no!!! Bye bye Ed.

< Carl2291 posted something on kowenicki's wall:

If we actually buy a back 4, playoffs next season. It will be glorious.

I am tipping you to flirt with relegation I'm afraid... I am also tipping us to do the same. ;-) In truth you are mid table I reckon, whatever you do and we could be anything as this new manager is a total unknown quantity. Ours is actually a nice league next season, lots and lost of local derbies. Championshiop will be ahrder next season. Mk Dkns and Bristol City will compete at the top. Just renewed my season tickets in the shiny new stand.. at last it is bulit after 10 years of the council fucking us over.

on 06 May 2015

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Write 131

Is the xbone going to fall off a cliff?

in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago

TheObserver said:Obviously. It will start happening next year, with Sony coming out with the latest entries in their biggest franchises like Uncharted 4, and Gran Turismo. Then they have some interesting looking new IPs from their first party studios like Horizon, The Last Guardian, Dreams. On top of that there's some other medium sized exclusives like Hotshot's Golf, Rachet and Clank,...

Write 162

Halo 5 : "Industry sources support our belief that Halo 5 digital sales were much closer to half of units than the 20-25% GameStop is suggesting."

in Microsoft Discussion 3 days ago

bananaking21 said: kowenicki said: What a very long and unnessecary rant, wow, calm down pal. Where do I say it sold 50%? Where do I support the notion that it sold 50%? I was merely pointing out why Gamestop have a vested interest in the status quo and how they didnt actually say anything.  they inferred soemthing from sources. Tthats all. By the way I do have a strong...

Write 162

Halo 5 : "Industry sources support our belief that Halo 5 digital sales were much closer to half of units than the 20-25% GameStop is suggesting."

in Microsoft Discussion 3 days ago

bananaking21 said: kowenicki said:   So digital uptake has suddenly flatlined? Good to know. Come on. We ALL know this is garbage.  Digital uptake is increasing massively this gen over last gen and I would not be surprised to eventually see retrospective data that showed it accelerated as the this gen progressed.  I think a few titles have the ability...


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