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    Playstation Allstars Battle Royale is sooooooooo fun!

    in Sony Discussion on 28 October 2012 by pitzy272

    Ok, wow. Had forgotten the beta released until last night. I have to admit that, although I was excited for this game, and really hoped it would be good, I had a bad feeling that it was gonna end up sucking. BUT...after playing the beta last night I am now officially hyped! This game is really smooth, and is a blast to play. I meant to play just 1-2 rounds bc it was already really late (i.e....

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    The Last Remnant uses no FMV and has a better story/script than FFXIII

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 October 2012 by Darc Requiem

    I wouldn't call a team of 120, a small team. Although I see the point you are trying to make....

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    Mass Effect 1 coming to PS3 (ME Trilogy)

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 September 2012 by TheDarkShape

    Glad for PS3-only owners. I think Mass Effect is the worst game in the series (it's clunky and has a horrible inventory system, and none of the characters are up to the level of Mordin/Thane/Javik), but the story is genuinely cool with lots of fun choices. EA is insane for not launching Mass Effect Trilogy on the Wii U. That would have sold copies....

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    19 and still a virgin.

    in General Discussion on 27 July 2012 by Ultr

    dont worry, I also had my first serious relationship with 20! Really the moment you met a girl you really like, it REALLY does NOT MATTER AT ALL, how much experience you had before!...

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    Final Fantasy XV Info

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 July 2012 by A203D

    Soriku said:First of all this is fake (confirmed on GAF). Second, even though it's fake the next FF needs to be done by the FF XII team. FF XII had a great world (needed some verticality though), a good battle system (that you appreciate over) time, great Hunts, and awesome writing (they should bring back Matsuno and make a complete story this time). An evolution would be...

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    Beautiful Red Dead Redemption Time Lapse Reminds Us Why We Want a Sequel

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2012 by green_sky

    I thought the ending was damn good but what do i know. It is just an opinion just like other's take on it. ...

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    Sega Releases New ‘Phantasy Star Online 2′ Trailer

    in PC Discussion on 24 March 2012 by Weigruf

    h2o1977 said: Weigruf said: @h201977 Do you play Blue Burst at the private servers? Yes I do play Blue Burst...I love it...I glad they kept the private servers up so long. True! The Phantasy Star Online spirit lives on! :)...

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    What is your least favourite gaming genre?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 March 2012 by okr

    FPS followed by Beat 'em up/Fighting....

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    David Cage: “I don’t like game mechanics” and “you don’t need a gun to be successful”

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 March 2012 by Khuutra

    ithis said: Khuutra said:THEN PLAY SOME VISUAL NOVELS AND SHUT THE HELL UP RAAAAAAAGH DAVID CAGE WHY DO YOU KEEP OPENING YOUR MOUTH, WORDS KEEP FALLING OUT OF IT AND INTO MY EYES So you were forced to read the words? They're on the forum thread list, it's hard to avoid So yes, yes I was....

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    How would you treat aliens if they arrived to earth and needed our help?

    in General Discussion on 11 March 2012 by Roma

    o_O.Q said: Roma said: o_O.Q said:dumb question imo, if they could get here they wouldn't need our help Dumb post imo, if you read the first sentence maybe you would understand the question but then again maybe not -.- i did... district 13 was a movie... fiction :-P   Fiction no is real, never happen ...

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    Out of ten, how popular is the user above?

    in General Discussion on 09 March 2012 by Rainbow Yoshi

    7/10- this is purely because I do not see you around the site very much....

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    Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Coming This Fall

    in Sony Discussion on 09 March 2012 by BasilZero

    Though I never played the series (well I did a demo at a store) but I am excited for this (cause I also plan to get the collection soon on PS3)....

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    What last gen games do you still play?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 March 2012 by Nem

    I still play Capcom vs SNK 2 on my PS2 every once in a while. Best fighter ever imo....

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    USA Pre-Order Chart - 25th February 2012

    in Latest Charts on 01 March 2012 by chris212223

    arcane_chaos said:I very surprised(and happy) with Tales of Graces F, might have a 100k+ week in the NA alone!!! I hope it does well. Depending on how this game does, itll probably decide on whether Tales of Xillia comes stateside....

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    Are you getting sick of open world games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 February 2012 by T.Rexington

    It's been a while since I've played and beaten an entire open world game. I think the last one was The Saboteur. GTAIV was the other one and I really enjoyed both of them. I guess it all drums to down to me liking linear levels just because I like their level designs better. Open worlds usually feel like a collection of things the dev did and gives you the option to go do them as opposed to...

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    US Congress rules that pizza is a vegetable

    in General Discussion on 04 December 2011 by Farmageddon

    Kasz216 said: Farmageddon said: Also, I don't really see your point in saying that "As it turns out... the "Poor don't have access to healthy food" argument is even more debunked by this study." Unless you believe the average american diet to be healthy, how could having similar levels of overweight and obese people as the average american mean poor people have access to a healthy...

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    Say your opinion on the games you are currently playing.

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 October 2011 by yo_john117


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    Official: What are you currently playing and progress discussion thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 October 2011 by Metallicube

    Just beat the Gears 3 campaign as well. Pretty awesome game, despite the somewhat lame story. It's a shooter though, so I guess you can't expect much on the narrative front, it's all about the online multi. I mostly just wanted to get the single player out of the way, because I'm going to be rocking the multi for months to come....

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    APPLE to be the Most VALUABLE Company in the world

    in General Discussion on 19 August 2011 by haxxiy

    Dark_Lord_2008 said:Apple Macs, Ipods, Mac Books, Iphones, Mac Book Airs and now Ipad/Ipad 2. Apple keeps bringing out new products that make record breaking sales. Almost everything Apple has touched has turned into gold. True. Their brand name is so incredibly strong you can't help but react to them in a way or another. That's why you have so many fans waiting for the midnight...

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    IGN UK Review: Xenoblade is the best JRPG of the generation

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 August 2011 by TripleMMM

    Cheebee said:Soon..... *_* You bloody lucky bastard! NoA, do something!!...

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