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    < Cloudman Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year and all that jazz, since I was.... ki
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    < Cloudman updated his status:

    Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year and all that jazz, since I was.... kinda away for all that. xD

    < caffeinade posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    I noticed that the gifs in your signature, have potentially been scaled in a manor that produces artifacts.

    To avoid this from happening in the future, I recommend setting scale to box.

    For example, I redrew and animated one of your sprites:

    Before scaling:

    After scaling:

    Thanks for the tips on my gifs! Do I just replace my old ones with this scaled one? How do I do that myself?

    on 09 January 2018

    You're alive!

    The Result_scaled.gif should be a plug and play type thing.

    To get the pixel perfect, low res version (the one I used to make the high res gif) I had to redraw the sprite.
    Meaning: I had your gif on one monitor, and Krita on another.
    I cross referenced the colours afterwards, so don't worry about that.

    The only differences are the white and black pixels.
    Black is blacker and white is whiter.

    I cannot remember if I scaled the gif after making it, or if I scaled both sprites and made a gif out of that.
    Bare in mind this was about a month ago.

    To scale a sprite in Krita:
    Ctrl + Alt + i
    (or go to "image" (top menu), then "scale image to new size").

    Just below the resolution: is a drop-down labeled "Filter".
    You want to ensure that is set to "Box".
    Box will ensure, pixels remain pixels when scaled.

    When scaling the sprite, make sure to keep everything uniform.
    (If you want to scale a 32px wide sprite, scale to 64px, or 128px, ect).
    This should ensure that each scaled pixel is square.

    To avoid doing math whilst working with Krita, the developers give you a few options.

    Option one:
    There are drop-down boxes next to the width and height rows.
    If you switch either the height or width to a percentage (and leave the constrain proportions on), scaling uniformly should be very simple.
    200% scale (32px to 64px),
    400% scale (32px to 128px),
    800% scale (32px to 256px).

    You can use pretty much any multiple of 100 to scale a sprite.
    Think of it this way:
    A 200% scale of a pixel is a 2x2 "pixel".
    So a 300% scale would be a 3x3 pixel, after scaling.
    That works, and looks perfect, and perfectly fine.

    Option two:
    You can, in the text fields for Width and Height: type *2 next to the current number and press enter.
    This will give the expected result.
    It is free!
    Fully free!
    And powerful.

    Hopefully: this helped, and I didn't ramble too much.

    If you need more help, I would probably need to know more about the software and workflow you use.

    on 09 January 2018

    That does look fairly complicated... I think maybe I'll stick to my gifs as they are now. Luckily they look small enough that they don't look odd.. @_@

    on 11 January 2018

    The gif I sent you should just work.
    For the rest of them, it does seem like a decent amount of work.

    on 11 January 2018

    Yeah, I'll go ahead and try these new gifs in my sig soon. Thanks for the polish on them :D

    on 12 January 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    It's kinda late for me to say, but thanks, and hope you had a good Christmas too :D

    on 09 January 2018

    < Cloudman updated his status:

    Sometimes when you sign on and see some of the current threads...

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    As promised :)

    I saw that! Thanks for that :D I def did read it and I'm leaning on the buy side. It does sound fun. If there was one thing I'd like to change, it's the main character's sprite. It doesn't even look like the girl on the title images, and it looks generic in general.

    on 24 December 2017

    Yeah, some of the character models are nondescript :(

    on 24 December 2017

    I think I'll want to check out the game at some point though. It does look fun and I like that LttP look it has :D

    on 09 January 2018

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    [PoTW] Are You Planning to Buy Nintendo Labo?

    in Nintendo Discussion 22 hours ago

    As cool and interesting as it may end up being, likely not. Not really interested in doing all those little things....

    Write 50

    Will Monster Hunter World be a Mult Million Seller in Japan? (2mil+)

    in Sony Discussion 23 hours ago

    Yeah, I definitely think it'll be possible. 2-3 mil lifetime I think is doable for the system in Japan....

    Write 66

    Nintendo Labo, The Switch & Bait.

    in Gaming Discussion 23 hours ago

    Isn't anything put on sale considered a 'cash grab'? Isn't that the point of business, to make money? This is just Nintendo making a product to try to sell and make a profit. Also, not really sure how this results in people breaking their hardware and controllers, unless people are just really careless with their stuff. Also didn't know Labo released already as well, considering you claim that...


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