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    < VGPolyglot posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    =0 Did Knuckles kidnap 4 Eyes?

    He just gave her his special 'sandwich' for the time being. She'll be back at some point, but for now... Sonic Mania is out!!! xD

    5 days ago

    I came here to say this but Polyglot has already acknowledged it for me :-P

    3 days ago

    guys... I'm not thaat obsessed with 4 Eyes... >.>;;

    3 days ago

    But we all love 4 Eyes <3

    3 days ago

    Yeah, she is pretty great : 3

    3 days ago

    If you love 4 eyes, you should see Miss Nashi. She's amazing..but as Cloud knows, I don't have her anymore so I can't show her off :-(

    3 days ago

    Lol, I have a copy of Nashi somewhere on me. If I can't find her, I have another colored pic of her, haha.

    3 days ago

    I've never seen Miss Nashi before myself!!

    3 days ago

    Is it possible to send her to me in a private message? I will legit make her my avi again! :-D

    3 days ago

    I could, but she looks sad in this one, haha...

    3 days ago

    I'll take her anyway I can..that sounds creepy..Ha! Seriously though, if you truly don't mind, I'll use her for real.

    3 days ago

    It's official, she's back to roaming VGC! :-)

    2 days ago

    Ah, her!! She looks familiar.

    2 days ago

    < BraLoD posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    Playing Sonic Mania?

    Not yet. I'll be doing it later tonight :-D Have you started?

    6 days ago

    Yup, got halfway then stopped to keep the rest for tomorrow.
    Pretty damn good game.
    My brother was watching me play and said "I think it may be even better than the old ones, honestly" surpassing even his nostalgia.
    I must say Chemical Plant version for Mania is absurdly fun and well made, it was already one of my very fav zones from my fav Sonic game, now its even better.

    6 days ago

    Damn, this game's AMAZING. The game just looks soo GOOD and the animations are so fluid! Act 1 stages feel like well done versions of the originals, but 2 adds some really cool gimmicks that surprise me every time. And the bosses... They're just so fun and very clever!!! Trying to figure out the patterns of them was a real joy. The running bosses were really exciting too. Trying to shoot down the robots with the missiles and the Metal Sonic fight was really fun!!!

    I can go on with how great Sonic Mania has been, but I'll just leave it at how exciting it was to be fighting Eggman in a game of Puyo Puyo!!! XD That made me so happy!!!

    5 days ago

    My bother almost flippled with the Puyo Puyo boss stage, lol.
    Sonic Mania may really be the best Sonic game ever, it's a bit sad it doesn't have any stage from the Master System game, tho, Jungle or Sky Base would be so, so good.

    4 days ago

    Perhaps they only decided to focus on the Genesis/Master System ones, since they're ones most remembered, and it may have taken more work to remake those with more detail.

    Did they they use any enemies or mechanics from those games? Many Act 2 stages have bits from other stages.

    4 days ago

    I think the devs focused more on trying to be like Sonic 3 (and Knucles) and Sonic CD, than the older ones.
    I don't think there is anything at all from the Master System there.

    3 days ago

    Yeah, it definitely does. There's a lot of mechanics from those put into this game. 2 got some love too, from parts of Flying Battery Zone and Hilltop Zone. I do wish they did have Starlight Zone in the game. I loved that one... ;_;

    3 days ago

    I think one of Sonic 2 from Master System bosses was the metalic Sonic that's one of the bosses the magician summons, btw, gettimg back to that real quick.
    Yup, 2 also got a lot of love, even the two players mode with Sonic and Tails from the get go,,which was the one I picked XD
    Sonic 1 actually got way less stage time there, Starlight was a no brainer IMO, but I guess Studiopolis covers both the night time and cassino themes, and as a new zone we can't really complain XD

    3 days ago

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    Your avatar looks GBA Fire Emblem .

    Thanks! I tried to make this in the style of the GBA FE games :D

    on 10 August 2017

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    Maid 4 Eyes? Are we eventually going to get rule34 4 Eyes?

    Not from this guy : S

    on 18 July 2017

    Cloud, destroyer of dreams :(
    That is the cutest 4 eyes so far though, and I don't even like maid costumes! :O

    on 18 July 2017

    > : T I don't do porn-like artwork. I'm just... not very good with that kind of stuff x S

    But thanks though :D I tried to do it in a Disgaea sort of style to reflect the game I'm currently playing.

    on 18 July 2017

    That's OK, I was joking anyway XD

    on 18 July 2017


    on 18 July 2017

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    Switch getting Angry Birds confirmed?

    Your last post cracked me up :D

    I had to keep the joke waddling along :P

    on 28 June 2017

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add. Angry Birds on Switch will certain fly off the shelves.

    on 29 June 2017

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    Well, it seems the spin off of a manga I'm reading Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san! is really taking off and getting frequent updates, which is nice to see, though now I feel bad that the child of the two original characters is now receiving all the teasing. It's a cute read, though they're more bite size versions of the main series.          ...

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    State your top 10 favourite video game franchises

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