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    < Cloudman It took awhile, but I think I'm almost caught up on all the E3 goodness.
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    < BraLoD posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    What's up Cloud? Haven't gotten to talk with you lately.

    Playing much? Drawing new stuff? LoDing perhaps?

    Drawing all the time when I can, haha, like the newest avi I have. No LoDing, but I've been wanting to D5ing for some time now. I have the game, but I just don't find a good time to start. I keep playing Binding of Issac instead. I'm terribly addicted to it... Today will be the day I start D5, count on it!

    How have you been??

    1 day ago

    She has a sharp look.

    By D5 you mean Disgaea 5? Just break your BoI copy and go play it right now!

    I'm fine, been enjoying Persona 5 in my weekends lately and I'm loving every second of it, probably didn't get halfway yet but I already highly recommend it.

    I'm VERY hyped for Sonic Mania by the way, sadly the PS4 PSN version is 50% more expensive than the XBO/Steam version around here, thought it's surprisingly priced at the dolar to real ratio which is VERY rare here so I'm fine with it, but I wanted to get it discounted like the others can D: hahaha

    What about you?

    22 hours ago

    Haha, yeah, my friends are shaking their heads when I say I'm playing BoI over Disgaea 5 and Persona 5. I'll definitely start it in a lil bit, and hopefully get to Persona 5 too.

    I am SO hyped for Sonic Mania. The genesis games were some of my all time fav games, so getting a new game like those just has be so excited! Can't wait to play iiiiiiiiiit!!!! xD

    13 hours ago

    I wish they would remake some of the first Sonic for Master System zones there as well, Jungle and Sky Base either would literally make me cry.

    11 hours ago

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    Actually, I'm not sure if you've ever said this before, but does your character have a name?

    I don't think I have, haha. I did give her a name eventually, but I just call her '4 Eyes' xD

    5 days ago

    D: Your precious one, and you just call her 4 Eyes! Oh well, at least I have something to call her now!

    5 days ago

    Yeah, it feels kinda mean, but it just kinda... stuck, haha.

    5 days ago

    < Cloudman updated his status:

    It took awhile, but I think I'm almost caught up on all the E3 goodness.

    < QUAKECore89 posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    What the hell, I have Kamiko and there is only 3 characters, but how did you make your own dlc? :P

    Oh, it's a secret code you put somewhere in the game. Only I know it though ;D

    on 03 June 2017

    < KLAMarine posted something on Cloudman's wall:

    Did someone recently play Kamiko?

    Yeah, suure did. I wanted to show it by making this sprite! I tried to make my character fit in with the style.

    on 30 May 2017

    Sweet sprite! Great work!

    on 30 May 2017

    Thanks! :D

    on 30 May 2017

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    Write 1708

    The Fun Manga Discussion Thread: Your Favorite Moments in Manga??

    in General Discussion 13 hours ago

    I've been reading more of Uratarou and I just feel the artwork is just... faaantastic! The artist has such a range of things they can draw, from humorous, cutesy moments, to intense graphic the next in a flip of a page. It's kinda messy too, but in a great way, and it's so dynamic too. I feel I'm starting to read it more for the artstyle than the story, though the story is still interesting and...

    Write 17

    Starfox 2 devs celebrate release, talk about the game

    in Nintendo Discussion 13 hours ago

    I was wondering about Cuthbert's reaction to this, and this is indeed a nice one. Glad their game's finally able to be released after being canceled a long time ago :-D...

    Write 47

    Can the Switch catch back up to the PS4 or did Nintendo kill the hype?

    in Sales Discussion 14 hours ago

    I dunno if it will do as well as the PS4, but I think it could still do very well. The system's just getting started....


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