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< Darwinianevolution updated his status:

I saw it coming.

< Machina posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

Charts should be fixed now, so the numbers for your FIFA v Skyrim chart should be accurate again.

Thanks! I'll update it later. :)

on 23 October 2018

< Darwinianevolution updated his status:

Played Fortnite for the first time. After almost 10 minutes without nothing happening, I get sniped from the back, and die instantly. I feel like a grandpa who doesn't get why the youth likes whatever new trend going on at the time. :P

Did you play solo or with teammates?
I think with each season Fortnite solo gets worse. They really need some matchmaking for it.

on 24 September 2018

< Thechalkblock posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

hey Darwinianevolution! i tried to submit A Robot Named Fight! again, but it said it was already in the database. however, i searched for the game and it wasn't there (yet). can you help me figure out what's going wrong? thanks in advance.

I'm going to check it, and if I can't see it either, I'll ask the other DB admins to see what's up.

on 30 April 2018

cool, thanks for the quick response!

on 30 April 2018

Ok, it's finally fixed.

on 01 May 2018

< kirby007 posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

hey im kinda checking predictions atm and for the japan round the xbox one seems ok but the rest seems very low if you expect the ps4 to sell only 45 units, ofcourse you have still a full week to edit it but i thought id let you know anyway

Ups, I must've put a point for the thousands and the program detected it as decimals. Already fixed. Thanks. :)

on 25 April 2018

no worries i try and keep an eye out for things that stand out

on 25 April 2018

Darwin trying to hide his PS4 doom predictions

on 25 April 2018

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Write 38

psmini, one of the biggest fails of the year

in Sony Discussion 11 hours ago

I wonder if the modding and homebrewing community is going to be able to fix this....

Write 80

Reggie on why Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't on Switch

in Nintendo Discussion 21 hours ago

Well, he is a PR rep, he knows when to twist an answer in his favour....

Write 32

Rise of third party exclusives on Switch

in Nintendo Discussion 22 hours ago

HoangNhatAnh said: Darwinianevolution said: Who knows? As long as the projects earns more than the cost of the port and licensing, why shouldn't Xbox fans enjoy it, if they want to? Also, bigger instalbases would mitigate the risk of trying new ideas, so why would it hurt diversity? Like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon sales on 360? Agree Those games pretty much...


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