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    < Darwinianevolution Does anyone know when does the Steam Summer Sale start this year?
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    < Ultrashroomz posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

    Finally got to try Splatoon 2. It's a much smoother experience than I thought. I still can't play on ranked, hopefully I reach the level 10 by monday.

    on 29 July 2017

    < Darwinianevolution updated his status:

    Does anyone know when does the Steam Summer Sale start this year?


    on 07 July 2017

    Also, just saw this again, someone keeps trying to sign into my steam account.

    17 hours ago

    < Wright posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

    And on some unrelated train of thought, I inquired once about your opinion of To The Moon, but you never replied back. :C

    I think the game has some gigantic elephant in the room that it never fully adresses. The protagonists are trying to change the old man's memories to give him the illusion of a happy ending, without his consent. That is horrifying. And the game treats it like it's nothing througout the game. The only real time when they have an issue with hat is when it looks like the woman scientist is going to erase the old man's love interest from his memories, and the other scientists wants to stop her. Not because erasing memories is bad, but because erasing one particular character would be sad. The romance hides the fact they are erasing one person's whole life. They have their priorities screwed up.

    The fact that they are in a world where apparently you can rearrange people's memories and it has become something so common it's just another business now should be its whole videogame. How does society handle that? How do you controll it, how do you prevent it? How do people know they've been affected by this? How much can they change a person through this? Is there a way to fight it back? How do you know whether your memories are fake or real? Is there a way to know? Can you install knowledge on someone that easily the same way you could install memories? Would you need schools anymore if true?

    on 09 June 2017


    on 09 June 2017

    I do have a similar complain, although I think you're focusing it on a different angle that I think it was actually adressed. The old man actually signs a contract beforehand with the Sigmund Corp. company, because they tell him throughout the first rewind of memory that he has already contacted Sigmund Corp and he already signed the papers. That also included willingly giving up his privacy (something his memory complains about, as he then finds it not so great idea, but that was before falling into a comma-like state). Then there's also the fact that one of the main characters explicitly state that they have to do all in their power to send him to the moon, otherwise they'll be fired because they refused to fullfill their part of the contract, which was achieving the patient's wish yes or yes.

    There's two main underlining problems, one that unfortunately nothing can be done (but no one chooses to adress and its brushed off like nothing): River died in vain. She never ever got to make John realize what the bunnies meant, which means she died without being able to make John remember how they had met already. Changing John memories don't save this fact, at all, which is the most tragic thing of all if you think about it, as River spent the rest of her life trying to make John understand, whereas John always brushed it off as some sort of whim and eventually grew tired of it. (It wasn't John's fault either, which is all the more sad).

    The second, and one that I really disagreed with, is the fact that the doctor chooses to remove River from his life to achieve him going to the Moon, which Neil rightifully objects, because if River hadn't existed, John wouldn't even think of going to the moon in the first place. I think the big issue, and one the game fails to properly explain the character, is that they don't really rewrite their whole memory to fullfill the wish; they just create some suggestion in their persona that eventually leads to it (that's why you don't actually see them doing anything drastic at the start, and like merely showing up in the school trying to talk children into joining NASA). But the doctor chooses an extreme path (that for some reason pays off, even though nothing really should work that way), and Neil is angry because that's not their line of work (indicating they've never encountered such a scenario before, and that they're overstepping in their line, but all the doctor says in her defense is that "they're bound by contract to do so", which is a very shitty defense). Eventually (unfortunately), Neil caves in because magically River also shows up at the NASA and nothing fucking makes sense but whatever everyone's happy and to the Moon. It's like some ungodly Plot Device that pull all the perfect strings like no big deal, even though it makes a whole world of difference, and yeah, like you said, they've accurately removed all River's existence from John's memories up until a very last moment of embraceness when they're reaching the Moon. Which is doing River a MASSIVE disservice since not only she died in vain, she was also taken away from John's memories. That's extremely shitty, and I would have prefer if Neil showed unhappiness with the resolution still, as he really was correct imo on pointing out that it was better to let John die with River in his memory than erasing it because of the contract.

    I think the exploring Sigmund Corp would be a good idea as a videogame, and there's potential for exploring morals throughout these kind of systems. I just think the To The Moon resolution was handled poorly and everything was too convenient and no one cared about screwing River twice than how she was already screwed (I guess dead people can't complain, but still).

    I agree that they treat it like nothing, but that's mainly because of the fact that the two doctors are detached from the patient; they don't mind tinkering around because that's their job and they've done it so many times already they simply become desensibilized, not unlike works that demand dealing with hard themes that you eventually get accustomed to. Neil, precisely, is way more caring than he really shows, experiencing some sort of mental breakdown because he actually tries hard. The other doctor is way more cold, even though she's presented as the moral righteous and more clever character.

    on 09 June 2017

    Also thanks for the friend request. :P

    on 09 June 2017

    Actually, the contract part kinda becomes void by the fact the old man is in a comma. We don't know how the memory-erasing process normally works, so we can't say whether they are overstepping their contract or not. Maybe normal clients are conscious too throughout the process and can directly influence the outcome. The comma just means the poor man has no say in his own memory-erasing process. Whatever he signed from the beginning, I'm sure he would have objected to the idea of erasing River's existence from his life, for example.

    Also, thanks for accepting the friend request. :)

    on 09 June 2017

    Right, yeah, that's an interesting point. And he definitively wouldn't have wanted River outside his memories, which is why I think Neil should have gone all the way through and object to the very end. River just gets the short end of the stick here in a poor, misguided manner and honestly she was the most innocent of the bunch considering her condition. Which is a true shame because John died thinking she was just a girl he just met on the NASA, whereas that's far far from the actual truth.

    on 09 June 2017

    < Darwinianevolution updated his status:

    20 of my Golden Coins will expire this month, and there is nothing to spend them on. MyNintendo is so bad compared to the old Club Nintendo...

    < Ultrashroomz posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

    Here's some Futaba art you'll appreciate more than me.

    We need either some Persona 5 DLC on Splatoon 2, or some Splatoon DLC on Persona 5. This has to happen.

    on 26 May 2017

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