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< TomaTito posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

Me gusta los hilos que haces,

así que te adjunto.

Gracias, me alegro de que te gusten!

on 12 February 2015

¡sigue así!

on 12 February 2015

< Esiar posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

If Pikachu's came from Pichu's, why are there still Pichu's?

Silly Esiar, there are no Pichus. There are only small Pikachus XD

on 09 February 2015

If Darwinian Evolution taught that man came from Ape rather than Ape-ish creatures, then I could still understand it. But as far as I know, the theory is more of a hypothesis than actually observed.

on 09 February 2015

It's actually more solid than an hypothesis. The theory says that little mutations can appear every time a cell divides. That makes every individual unique, even if it's imperceptible. But after a long period of time (millions of years in complex species), natural selection and those changes can be the difference between which individual breeds and wich one doesn't. And after millions of years of that process, new species can appear.

Usually scientists study the bones and the relation between those species to try and make an evolutionary line, but the proof of that isn't really that complicated. One example more mundain are diseases. Everytime a new variety of influenza appears it's just a new species. We can discuss wether viruses are living rganisms or not, you can use bacteria as an example too. The point is that these organisms are so simple that little mutations affect them way quicker than other, more complex species. Doctors usually recommend to their patients not stoping their treatments before schedule, even if they feel better. That's because the few microorganisms that have survived are more resistent that the rest to medicine, and if they are allowed to multiply again, the treatment won't be as effective.

on 09 February 2015

It's basically the best prediction considering the data.

The only problems I see is that millions of years can't possibly be observed right now, and that some of the proofs can easily be interpreted differently.

on 09 February 2015

< Darwinianevolution updated his status:

The Smash 3DS code is from EU. I don't think it could work outside Nintendo Club Europe. I still have the code.

< jpng15 posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

dude! do you still have the smash 3ds code? I have a wii U one!

< jpng15 posted something on Darwinianevolution's wall:

dude! do you still have the smash 3ds code? I have a wii U one!

I still have it.

on 18 January 2015

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Ultimate Pokemon Tournament: Gen 1 - Gym 2, Round 7a & 7b

in Nintendo Discussion 8 hours ago

Articuno and Kingler....

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Ultimate Pokemon Tournament: Gen 1 - Gym 2, Round 6a & 6b

in Nintendo Discussion 17 hours ago

Exeggutor and Tentacool....

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What old IPs/sequels would you want Nintendo to fund?

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

They could make an exploration-based game with the Ice Climbers. Imagine going around the world looking for tresaures, with focus on platforming/puzzle focused. And also, talking about traveling around the world, I would like to see a Carmen Sandiego game, even if it's just to see what Nintendo could make with it. ...


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