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< Slade6alpha posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

You didn't get me anything on our 2 year anniversary.

Well f you for ignoring me.

on 07 July 2017

I'm shipping in Noble to give you a good time, delivery was a little late, I'm sorry bae :-(

on 08 July 2017

< RavenXtra posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

< Acevil posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

I see you have an infestation on your wall, let me help by cleaning it up.

Shoot all 64 of the Kerotans infesting the place and you'll unlock the stealth suit!

on 25 June 2017

< Kerotan posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

Lol I like how you change my words from PS fan to fanboys. You might have made a point if it wasn't for that twisting of words. And tell slade I've not been constantly bringing up discord. Don't know the last time I mentioned it lol. I'd tell him myself but he's hiding his profile.

"Hardcore Playstation Fan"
"Makes it SOUND like you want a Playstation Fanboy"

Slade: "You ALL need to stop mentioning Discord" and even so, you have brought it up quite a few times in VGC, how's that official Discord going that's welcoming to PS fans unlike ours.

'Hiding' People have their profile on private because they don't want certain people on it for good reason.

on 25 June 2017

Also "Playstation nation thread should be run by a hardcore Playstation fan with only Playstation on his mind" & "We need a guy who we know is obsessed by nothing but Playstation"

Most people matching that description tend to be fanboys but not all of them, if we go by previous OPs

Shikamaru - Great OP, Multiplatform User: No Match
Jaywood - Great OP, Multiplatform User: No Match

I myself don't match that description, yes I have an obvious preference to Xbox but I am also a Nintendo fan and will be getting Switch so there's no match there either.

No offense to Gooch or Shadow but if anything they are a close match to that as they are mostly strictly Playstation from the looks of it and they both abandoned the thread and stopped updating it.

Good OP isn't down to just who is the biggest fan.

on 25 June 2017

"And lol you all need to stop mentioning discord (a place you were kicked off of for you insufferable behavior.)"

So he was mentioning me and no since the week I was removed I've not mentioned it. More hearsay.

A hardcore Playstation fan means a hardcore Playstation fan. I didn't say fanboy. The amount of word twisting is hilarious.

And that new discord is going great because it doesn't exist. The other one was a time sink that couldn't handle my banter anyway.

on 25 June 2017

Only privated it to keep the people I don't like off. And part of that comment was at everyone in the thread "you all" and the other part was at you. Since the thread is locked, you can say it here. What's your PSN? You go on about being a hardcore PS fan , I'd love to see what constitutes as being a PS fan in your eyes.

on 25 June 2017

You ALL need to stop mentioning Discord.

That was directed at you and CGW but besides that you made a thread on it when you were kicked, you went to Ioi and Machina to make request an Official Discord because apparently we aren't welcoming to certain people and now you've brought it up again in the PS Nation Thread but it was not directed at just you.

I'm not putting words into your mouth, I didn't say you said fanboy, I said it SOUNDS like you just want a fanboy from the way you've described who wants to be OP as many people matching that description would be fanboys (But not all)

I guess you didn't get that approval for the Official VGC Discord then since Machina has better things to do than deal with that petty shit, how about an official VizionEck Discord?

on 25 June 2017

Exactly my point. I mentioned it the week I was removed and not again until that thread.

I didn't bother following up with an official one or making my own one because I realised what a waste of time it was. I'd a lot of fun on the discord especially ruffling feathers of those who were failing at ruffling mine. But removing me was a good decision. I was waiting too much time on it. And what's the point of a vizioneck one? We can say pretty much whatever we want on Vizioneck without getting banned so why bother creating a discord. It's pretty much it already.

You did say sounds like, which is a misinterpretation of what I said. Because if I meant fanboys I would have said fanboys. Pretty simple.

on 25 June 2017

Miss you on discord Kero.

on 25 June 2017

Haha Jason we had some good times. Enjoyed chatting with you!

on 25 June 2017

< Rem87919394 posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

Confused as to why I was banned. My comment was in response to someone's comment saying non Switch users don't have credit cards. That's not ban worthy but my comment is?

Regarding your ban: You made three attacks against that specific user, calling his post stupid, calling him an overly sensitive Nintendo fan and then attacking his personal life which is all flaming.

Your second comment didn't help matters: "You Nintendo fanboys attacking people is childish and idiotic. Grow up" especially since the thread wasn't even that bad, it just looks like baiting.

Regarding the other user: I personally don't see it as ban worthy, I saw it more of as a joke, if he's being serious then well, that's a silly thing to say but I still don't see it as ban worthy but you're welcome to ask another mod to look at it and see what they think or I'll discuss it with the other mods.

on 28 May 2017

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