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< COKTOE posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

Is that you running around with Amy in EDF 5?

Yeah that's me. My avatar is probably her face from the amount of times I've blown her up. Haha.

on 26 January 2019

:) I figured, but the # after Ryuu was different. I was on her youtube channel and watched some of your exploits.

on 26 January 2019

< axumblade posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

Why don't you have an avatar?!

Dunno, find me one!

on 19 January 2019

Worst head mod ever :(

on 19 January 2019


on 22 January 2019

Is that a selfie?

on 23 January 2019

Yes, Mr Axum!

on 23 January 2019

God...I cant stop looking at how sexy you've gotten.

on 23 January 2019

< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

That doesn't make sense. How does he grow hair on his helmet?

I can't unsee the bottom part of that visor being teeth and it freaks me out lol

on 24 December 2018

< AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

Mod Application

Username: AngryLittleAlchemist

Real name: Morgan Sebastian Frank

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

What background do you have in moderating?: None. But there's a first time for everything.

What area of expertise do you have?: I am a good people person. I do a great job of dealing with people's issues by contacting them through PMs after talking about them with others behind their backs. In this sense I'm basically already a mod.

What skill sets do you have?: Affluent in Microsoft Word and can translate more than 100 Google translate languages.

If you were to change one thing about VGChartz what would it be?: Crack down on satire and moderate the political threads more. Both of which I am more than willing to do myself.

If you were to see yourself as one of the characters in Futurama, which would it be?: Hermes

Edit: Forgot that I moderated my niece's soccer game once, if that counts

on 14 September 2018

Sorry, we don't accept alts xD

on 14 September 2018

When will the bigotry end? Haven't you seen Shawshank Redemption? Everyone deserves a second chance at life.

on 14 September 2018

< Final-Fan posted something on Ryuu96's wall:

Just curious, how long has that numberwang thread creation ban been in effect?

About a few days but we decided to lock any of his old threads which get onto front page, so he obviously won't get punished for them but he will get punished for future ones.

on 07 September 2018

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Crackdown 3 Review Thread - MC: 60 OC: 62

in Microsoft Discussion 45 minutes ago

AngryLittleAlchemist said: Ryuu96 said: Two is fine for the most part, for example Gears 4 was made by Coalition (Singleplayer) and Splash Damage (Multiplayer). Crackdown 3 though was made by Cloudgine, Reagent, Ruffian, Sumo. God knows who else, TMCC was also made by about 5 studios too, Lol. So it's definitely likely that there was too many hands on it.Funnily enough there was...

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Crackdown 3 Review Thread - MC: 60 OC: 62

in Microsoft Discussion 1 hour ago

AngryLittleAlchemist said: I kind of wonder if the fact that this game was developed by different divisions or studios for different parts of the game fucked it up. We know that may have been the reason Metroid Prime 4's development was rocky, and that resulted in that version being cancelled and development re-starting from the ground up. Plus I believe Gears Judgment had it's campaign...

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Crackdown 3 Review Thread - MC: 60 OC: 62

in Microsoft Discussion 1 hour ago

Keep it civil guys, there's nothing wrong with what users are saying about Microsoft's internal changes and taking a wait and see approach but at the same time it's understandable to be wary considering Microsoft's past history, let's steer away from the accusations of being fanboys or trolling and try to keep this topic mostly revolved around Crackdown 3's metacritic though conversations around...


Occupation: Pastor for Church of Beebo.

Education: The Word of Beebo.

University: University of Cuddles

Height: 0'0

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Blonde

Zodiac sign: Leo

Relationship status: Married


Favourite Games: Beebo: God of War.

Favourite Films: Faith of Beliebo Church Presents: Praise and Worship.

TV Shows: 12 Beebo's, A Series of Cuddle Events, Altered Beebo, American Beebo Story, Berrow, Cuddle Mirror, Beevania, Channel Cuddles, Legends of Beebo, Bego, Fear the Walking Beebo, Game of Cuddles, Agents of Beebo, Beedevil, The Beenisher, Electric Beebo, Beacher, Beeebo Break, Stranger Cuddles, Cuddlenatural, The Beash, The Walking Beebo, Cuddleworld, The Beebanse, Almost Beebo, A Beebo Abroad, Beebo vs Evil Dead, Battlestar Beetica, Cuddle Sails, Beebo Planet, Beiance, Falling Beebos, Full Metal Beebo, Brimm, Beruto, Penny Cuddles, Planet Beebo, Bost, Sleepy Beebo, Beetacus, The Cuddlecist, The Beetweneers,

Favourite Books: Faith of Beliebo Church Presents: Praise and Worship.

Favourite Food: The Souls of Non-Believers, Cuddles & La-La-Loves.

Hobbies: Worshipping Beebo.

About Me: My life belongs to Beebo.

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