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SKMBlake said:
Ryuu96 said:

You aren't making any sense.

Well you said "c'mon dude" and, I quote, "lol". So yeah, I guess these are better arguments. But hey, someone who spent his whole days reading this kind of declaration and their actual meaning (and explaining them to people who overlook and see what they want to see) vs a guy having a non-biased Halo avatar. I guess I am the one who's wrong.


You got me, I have a Halo avatar.

This isn't the first time someone has called out my Halo avatar because they ran out of argument.

Though I don't base my entire argument on what avatar someone has, I actually watch users on this website, like you for example, someone with obvious bias against Xbox and constantly eager to downplay them, especially in regard to how much they will sell or have sold.

Here is what I think, you saw this news and, in your eagerness, to post news to downplay Xbox's sales and discredit VGChartz's numbers as over tracked, you didn't bother reading the true source of the information, once you were corrected, you couldn't stand being wrong, you couldn't stand that maybe VGChartz numbers are actually pretty accurate after all for Xbox.

So, you had to attempt to spin and twist the wording to your favour with claims that made absolutely no sense if you spent a few minutes thinking deeply about them. In your eagerness to downplay Xbox, you are making very weak arguments and assumptions because you WANT to be right. Now your argument has evaporated to "You are wrong cause you have a Halo avatar"

It is telling that you seem to be the only one reading it in this way, but of course, you're a lawyer, it means you're automatically right, and I'm wrong, because I have a Halo avatar, that's some next level lawyer logic. You'll be okay either way you know? Xbox is still being crushed no matter when the date of these numbers is, only thing that changes is VGChartz's accuracy.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 12 October 2022