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    < Nuvendil posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    Not going to get involved in that GameStop is dying, digital is the future thread because I know how futile reasoning with people on this issue is, but I just want to say props for pointing out the obvious flaws in such a future. People think publishers are crap now, wait until they can bend you over a barrel with no competition to check them.

    And so many people fail to grasp the concept of right of first purchase and that its absence is THE reason that all digital became the favored way of doing things on PC. That is a lovely benefit consoles have that people seem dead set to throw away.

    I'm personally happy to see the Switch maintain the physical medium but also make considerable strides towards restoring the "play now" convenience consoles built their empire on through advances (finally) in physical media.


    I've been nearly 100% physical for a while. I have not spent a single dime on digital for any title that is available at retail (I have several digital copies I got for free as a promo or gift), and I've even been reluctant to spend money on smaller digital titles. Aside from the occasional Virtual Console purchase, the last digital titles I bought were Perfect Dark HD and Mega Man 10, and that was in 2010. I'll probably make another exception this year for Sonic Mania and Ultra Street Fighter II, but that's it. I'm uncomfortable with spending any considerable amount of money on something I don't own.

    If console gaming ever goes full digital, then I'm out. The industry would no longer deserve my money. I'll still have at least seven console generations worth of content to enjoy.

    on 10 February 2017

    < Wright posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    Out of curiosity, who's your favourite IV character?

    Tough call. Cecil had his journey from Dark Knight of Baron to a paladin, plus he's an alien. Kain is a fucking dragoon with awesome armor. Rosa is in many ways the backbone and moral compass of the team. Rydia grows from a timid child to a woman of war who commands powerful black magic and titanic beasts of destruction (and a Chocobo!). Golbez is a Vader-esque character who starts off evil but redeems himself in the end. Even Rubicante demonstrates that he isn't the typical villain, and despite working for Golbez (and by extension Zemus) he still is an honorable character that still possesses some scruples.

    on 05 February 2017

    What, no love for Yang? :P

    on 05 February 2017


    on 05 February 2017

    While I think Cecil is probably my favourite character - he's one of the best, most daring videogame characters ever conceived from a subversive narrative point of view, and his quest for redemption is both touching and tragic -, I've always had a soft spot for Yang. He's a pillar of support for the party, strong and determinated, and willing to sacrifice himself to save them all. Even if he later gets relegated to a lesser narrative plane, he still remains among my favourite Monk-based characters of the whole franchise, and probably one of the greatest non-main party members too.

    on 05 February 2017

    < bte88 posted something on Shadow1980's wall:



    on 03 January 2017


    on 03 January 2017

    < tak13 posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    Hey my beloved shadow!

    I have to ask you something, because as an I expert you are, I feel that you will probably illuminate me

    I'm from Greece and live there, if I purchase a wii u from for example, this will be tracked to American sales number or European/Greek?

    Even if you don't know, what do you think?

    That's actually a really good question. I'm not sure. I would assume since the system is being bought from a retailer in the U.S., it counts toward U.S. sales figures.

    on 15 December 2016

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    I always get you confused with the other Shadow guy from the PS thread.

    I was here first, though. And I always have the Mega Man avatar. And I make lots of graphs.

    on 29 October 2016

    I never seen any giraffes.

    on 29 October 2016

    No! Not a giraffe. A graph. You know. A chart.

    on 29 October 2016


    on 29 October 2016

    I'm only after realising you guys were different. Mind blown.

    on 03 November 2016

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    DNC could be in trouble

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    palou said: So you want the german system for the House of Representatives, and the french system for presidential elections? That's one possibility. Alternately, House elections could use single transferable vote and presidential elections could use instant-runoff/alternative vote, like Ireland does for their lower house and presidential elections. Nymeria said: As a...

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    DNC could be in trouble

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    Ka-pi96 said: How did they do it in New Zealand though? Well really I mean why? Was it like neither of the 2 main parties had enough seats to form a government so had to create a coalition with a smaller one who would only accept said coalition if they agreed to electoral reform or something? Not really. In every general election from 1938 to 1993, neither of the two major...

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    Global Sales - Switch vs WiiU/3DS/XboxOne/PS4/PSVita

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    Let's all keep in mind that the Switch was a Q1 launch, while the Wii U, PS4, and XBO were all holiday launches....


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