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    < Wright posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    You are a rockstar :)

    < Wright posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    If you're mentally exhausted, you're free to come over here and get some beer, y'know. Don't push yourself too hard.

    Spain is too far away from South Carolina, and I don't like beer. Thanks for the offer, though.

    on 10 September 2018

    < Marth posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    Hi Shadow.

    How are you? Hopefully you had time to take more care of yourself.

    I wanted to talk about the amazon thread. I completely understand your reasons to discontinue them.

    So I wanted to ask if I can create a successor or continue the thread instead?

    I put a lot of work into my program that tracks the amazon lists and even want to expand it a bit more. Stuff like adding other countries. While amazon is not a good indicator for the US atm I still have hope that the situation will be resolved. Also in the future I would like to create a global amazon trend indicator.

    So maybe I can take over the amazon thread so you dont have to stress about it anymore.

    Looking forward to an answer.

    Best regards,


    Sure. I've completely lost interest. The first of the month came and went, and the fact that I hadn't put the July thread up didn't even enter my mind, even though two years ago I was on the ball, mindful of the start of a new month, and regular with the updates. Not so much anymore. Especially now that Amazon's predictive capabilities are now essentially over.

    Regarding my mental state, I'm not really depressed. Just exhausted and frustrated. It's just one thing after another these past couple of months for stuff around the house with things breaking or pests invading. So, whenever I have any free time that doesn't involve having to take care of a bunch of shit, I just don't do much of anything that takes any effort. I just want to chill out and enjoy mostly passive entertainment, and anything active I keep simple. I did have a good long break last week, but this week has been non-stop and I'm right back to being exhausted. I guess having no energy is part of getting old.

    on 05 July 2018

    Things change over time. Thank you for the work you have put into all of these threads! I've been visiting them even before I joined VGC.

    Still wishing you all the best, that the amount of stress you have gets to a more reasonable level soon. And you are not that old yet if your age in VGC is accurate :D

    Also is that blog in your sig that project you have been talking about? Its an amazing read! Writing this must have taken a lot of time.

    on 05 July 2018

    < KazumaKiryu posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

    hello. how are you today ? hope good. i dont understand one thing.. the amazonUSA-bestsellerCharts are wrong, because Sony and AmazonUSA have a dispute for many weeks. AmazonUSA no longer sells new PS4 consoles!!, including PS4 Exclusive Games - produced directly by Sony! And there are no pre-orders for Sony games possible."That is the reason = "no sony console-games producs" ect in the bestseller. Its only (usa), A bad situation and strange. Would not it be fair if the thread got another name? People always wonder why the charts look like this. I heard that AmazonUSA will not sell new PS4 consoles in the future, so the bestseller-charts are false / not fair in my opinion. PS: Wish you a great E3 : )

    These issues have been discussed in the threads already. I have considered disestablishing the Amazon threads after this year if the issue doesn't resolve itself.

    on 09 June 2018

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    Why is Sony being left out of the Streaming Future Conversation? Why are we even having it?

    in Gaming Discussion 16 hours ago

    I've lost internet service several times in the past couple of weeks while playing on my Xbox, a couple of those times being when I was playing Halo. I couldn't play multiplayer, nor could I use Netflix or Crunchyroll. But I could still play single-player games and watch Blu-ray discs. These occurrences, which are all too regular for me, remind me of why I don't want everything to be dependent on...

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    POLL: Will you be changing your PSN ID

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    I tried to use my XBL Gamertag when I got a PS4, but it was already taken and I just added an underscore to the end. Whoever took it doesn't appear to even use PSN anymore, so maybe it's free to be reclaimed and I can knock off that tacky underscore....

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    Sony president on PS4 successor: “It’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware”

    in Sony Discussion 5 days ago

    Kerotan said: Is it not damaging for ps4 sales especially the pro to be talking about the ps5? Talk of or even outright official announcements of a next-gen system has never had an impact on sales of the system it will eventually replace. Why should it start to have an effect now? The PS5 won't have an effect on PS4 sales until it is released, and not a day before....


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