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< Super_Boom posted something on tbone51's wall:

Hey Tbone, have you played One Piece: Unlimited World Red? I'm debating over getting it on Wii U as a present for when I finally catch up on the manga, but wasn't sure if it was worth it or not.

Also cause Club Nintendo ends in three days. I'm just 35 coins short of Platinum. x.x

Go for it, i haven't played it. In fact i might get it later with a deal in the holidays. I heard its ok, not great but not bad :)

Where you at now? (OP)

2 days ago

I think I finished Thriller Bark. Moriah just got beat, but now Kuma's about to kill everyone. The Nightmare Luffy/Oz fight was insane. I always wondered what would happen if OP characters fought Titans. Now I know...

I should pick up the pace a bit more now, I actually only started reading again a few weeks ago. I was kinda...coerced into catching up on Seven Deadly Sins and Hunter x Hunter. *covers face

2 days ago

Good good! Brook, saw his past? If you did you know what i was talking about before!

Epicness awaits in the nextarc for one piece!

1 day ago

Laboon! Yeah it all makes sense now. I didn't expect that arc to be brought back, so it was so short and so long ago. Well played Oda. It's like we knew Brook all along.

Things are just gonna get crazier from here on out I assume @_@

1 day ago

yeap, its all gonna be..... Epic. Some argue the upcoming arc is > ennies lobby arc.

I think ennies lobby is better but by no means these arcs coming out arent close :)

1 day ago

< episteme posted something on tbone51's wall:

Hehe, I didn't do global races since summer.

Update you status before it's true again, you know what to do.

Wat do i do?

3 days ago

To not get banned again.

3 days ago

I wish i could :'-(

3 days ago

Yeah, it's unpredictable because you're the only one who isn't allowed to ask about smoking habits. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=7179952

1 day ago

< Conegamer posted something on tbone51's wall:

Hey Tbone, you up for that Smash Bros. then this weekend?

i love too but i got a tourney to be at tomorrow from 4-12 and maybe one this Sunday. Srry.

I need to get back here though.

4 days ago


4 days ago

< daredevil.shark posted something on tbone51's wall:

Welcome back.

thanks, i'll try to stay for awhile this time ;-)

4 days ago

< Smeags posted something on tbone51's wall:

I know it's not exactly what you're saying, but I just wanted to get the thread back on track. Welcome back. ^_~

thanks! I know, i need to stop derailing too XD

4 days ago

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Splatoon already Nearly in TOP 5 in Amazon Italy! and Wii U above PS3!

in Nintendo Discussion 5 minutes ago

TheJimbo1234 said:Erm, are those not bad sales figures? Not the top 5, and not selling above a console that is being phased out. This sadly feels a bit like clutching at straws. Amazon as a whole is clutching at straws...... but its still interesting...

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Imagine Zelda U Delay is an April Fool and Iwata will laugh tomorrow

in Nintendo Discussion 9 minutes ago

Metroid33slayer said:They announced the delay on the 27th of march so how can it be an april fool? What better way to do an april fools joke than do it when it'll never get suspected?...

Write 77

Nintendo Direct 04/01 - Links & TZ's in the OP

in Nintendo Discussion 11 minutes ago

the_dengle said: FloatingWaffles said:Why would they show a Star Fox trailer only 2 months away from E3? I mean, they could do it but last year they didn't even have a direct for a while because they saved a lot for E3. I think the reason they didn't have a direct for a while last year is because Iwata was sick. ANYWAY @OT CHOO CHOO, NERDS. ALL ABOARD THE FOOLS...


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