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< Conegamer posted something on tbone51's wall:


cool thankz

1 day ago

There will be more updates to come when we get written information and I've talked it over with Trucks and Smeags. But it was quite a good Direct overall!

9.8/10 IGN

1 day ago

Yeah, it was good overall, this game stands out with Content. 8 Player Smash will be fun!

1 day ago

Should be good, yeah. Just need to find 8 friends and 8 controllers now!

1 day ago

Local Tourneys would be a hge advantage for nintendo in the US. Im using Amiibos to help out myself, make an army :0

1 day ago

< fatslob-:O posted something on tbone51's wall:


*sigh* Really, tbone ? Mentioning people as salty goes against the rules ...

it does? What the hell! God damn, i cant say anything here can I :-/

1 day ago

I've seen people get banned for saying doing it so yes you really aren't allowed to say that ...

1 day ago

damn, i cant reply to stuff thats nonsense it seems.
Thankz forlooking out, now i have Salty to take out of my dictionary :'-(

1 day ago

I would edit the post already if I were you ...

1 day ago

will do :-/

1 day ago

< Boutros posted something on tbone51's wall:

My sig is your's by the way *SIGH*

Its all good, your a cool guy! I just wanted you to know i was right (i'll admit i was worried but i had some confidence!)

Just keep up the good work at NPD+COMG.Also srry about that thread, im the hot topic there XD

(No Sig is required :0

4 days ago

As long as I get lots of points I'm fine with it :p

4 days ago

thats all you care about :-D

You do have one of the biggest threads and NPD is a 100page thread each month. Dayummm lol!

4 days ago

I will come out on top this month with points.

3 days ago

< *Sound Of Rain posted something on tbone51's wall:

Hi Tbone

Wats Up :0

5 days ago

Nothing much. I just wanted to say hi to some users I liked.

5 days ago

thankz! Seems as though your in a good mood :)

5 days ago

I'm almost always in a great mood :-)
At the moment, my mood actually isn't all that great but It's decent I guess :-P

5 days ago

< pokoko posted something on tbone51's wall:

I'm sorry about how your comparison thread turned out. I just wanted a discussion, not a console turf war. Some people on both sides always seem eager to turn anything into a battle. My apologies for contributing to the melee.

i dont mind, sometimes its amusing, and like i said before i know what kind of poster you are.

Kinda funny how normally that thread would be 2-4 pages long and look where its at XD.

Also wanted to ask, are you a fan of 7 Deadly Sins or HxH? I knw your into my favorite OP.

on 17 October 2014

oh dunno if i can post his name (dont want any time of reason to be banned) but one guy i argue in the thread with is the perfect example i've wanted to point out.

Of course i mean Doom Nintendo Sales no matter what. Its a Zelda game that Bombed he said (only wants to compare it to Zelda so it looks bad in comparison).

I find it funny as i just remembered Link's Training Bow wii game isnt a Zelda. and it sold over 5mil (drstoying SS the last LoZ home console game) and i didnt see people comparing that to LoZ :)

on 17 October 2014

I'm a fan of Seven Deadly Sins. Go go Diane. Never got into HxH.

on 17 October 2014

i just caught up, i love Diana as well. Holy crap, its one of the only mamga that has characters that could stand up to the likes of DBZ characters XD.

I was so sad about Hork :'-( Never thought a pig would make me tear. This arc is like OP Marine Ford on Crack :0

on 17 October 2014

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HOLD IT! Smash Bros. is 1080P? AND 60 FPS?

in Nintendo Discussion 22 hours ago

Barozi said:8 players is completely irrelevant. They are all on the same screen, so there is barely any additional power needed. Other games have 16 or 32 players in the game (and sometimes a lot of them on the same screen). If it was split screen, then that would be something special. Tell me which of those games are in the fighting genre???...

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what would you think about a mid gen hardware upgrade on a home console?

in Gaming Discussion 23 hours ago

Thread says "what would you think about a mid gen hardware upgrade on a home console?" but it should really be "Why does Nintendo get a free pass with mid-gen hardware upgrades on handhelds..." Oh man, why oh why :-/...

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HOLD IT! Smash Bros. is 1080P? AND 60 FPS?

in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

Clyde32 said: TheJimbo1234 said: Well with such basic graphics, levels, and character designs, I would bloody expect 1080 at 60 fps. This is the type of comment we've come to expect from this thread. Yeap Yeap!...


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