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< fatslob-:O posted something on tbone51's wall:

So if you can't attack anyone again are you going to start rubbing it against peoples faces that they were wrong from now on ?

< *Sound Of Rain posted something on tbone51's wall:

Welcome back bro!

Thank you :-)

2 days ago

You're very welcome :-)

2 days ago


2 days ago

< Super_Boom posted something on tbone51's wall:

Tbone! I'm glad you're back, please don't leave.

I've been meaning to give you One Piece updates. I finished the Enies Lobby Arc/Water 7 saga a little while ago. Holy shit...Enies Lobby. Holy shit...Holy shit...Enies Lobby...Holy shit....

Oh yeah, we had that conversation awhile back. Eniess Lbby arc is the S***!!!

That Luffy vs Lucci is still to this day the best fight of the series. Such an emotional fight especially at the end. That Jet Gattling Gun always gets me goosebumps lol.

The best arcs at least in popularity are both Enies Lobby and later the War arc (dont want to spoil you). Are you on thriller bark arc yet?

3 days ago

Holy crap, Luffy vs. Lucci blew me away. The whole fight was incredible though, I don't think I ever had chance to catch my breath after the Buster Call was made. Probably one of my favorite manga arcs ever...if not my favorite.

I'm in the transition arc I think...Post-Enies Lobby Arc I think it's called. Last chapter I read was Ace losing to Blackbeard.

I'm taking a short break though, since I have a friend who's kinda pushing me into catching up on Seven Deadly Sins so I can read it with her weekly. That's only ~100 chapters, so I figured I could wrap this up in a month and get back to OP. I've heard some good thngs abour Marineford...like my favorite villain (Crocodile) making a return appearance. So stoked!

3 days ago

ok, yeah your on Thriller BarkArc now. After that is where things get crazy before the timeskip! Enies Lobby arc is definitely one of my favorite arcs of all time. HxH Chimera Ant arc is top notch as well! (dunno if you watched HxH!!!)

Seven Deadly Sins is great! Im all caught up, it just got crazy where im at!!!

3 days ago

LOL, I'm actually watching the HxH anime right now. We must have the same tastes :P.

And I love Seven Deadly Sins so far. The characters are all interesting, and the plot is intriguing. I just hope it doesn't end right as I'm getting into it. It seems like the author's previous manga have rarely gone longer than 3 or 4 years.

3 days ago

Its about 110 chapters now, the least i expect is 150. Things are about to get crazy. Hopefully it'll be 250-300 chapter manga though!

HxH and One Piece are my top 2 favorite Manga/Anime.

3 days ago

< Kerotan posted something on tbone51's wall:

i'm hiring assassins to take out your bodyguards :P

< KyleeStrutt posted something on tbone51's wall:


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Tecmo Koei Wants to sell 1 Million Copies of Hyrule Warriors

in Nintendo Discussion 4 minutes ago

DerNebel said: DolPhanTendo said: Yeah that totally makes sense, they just announced 1 million shipped so it's probably at 1 million sold through now, are you serious? And 3 million lifetime? Jesus think these things through before you post. 3mil will happen lifetime................................. BELIEVE! I think 2mil if only legs are that good. I think this...

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Tecmo Koei Wants to sell 1 Million Copies of Hyrule Warriors

in Nintendo Discussion 37 minutes ago

lightofhonor said: EricFabian said: what? lol lol probably should have elaborated. We all know if shipped 1 million, but that isn't sales. VGchartz may even be overtracked. So I think it will get to 1 million sales, but I don't know what the new year sales falloff would be.   Better? lol probably not. The game is at... 132k+ in japan (as of first week in...

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Hyrule Warriors Shipped Over 1mil World Wide! LegggZ!!!

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

Koei best selling games worldwide. 1. Dynasty Warriors 4 2.2m 2. Dynasty Warriors 3 2.0m 3. Dynasty Warriors 5 1.5m 4. Warriors Orochi 1.5mil 5. Samurai Warriors 1.5mil+ Dynasty Warriors 6/7,One Piece Pirate Warriors, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1/2 are over 1mil. Can HW Be the #1 selling DW game??? (Maybe!?)...


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