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< padib posted something on tbone51's wall:

Ubisoft is better than Nintendo because Rayman.

Nooooo..... DK:TF>Rayman!!!! That said rayman is i think my forth or fifth favorite platformer this gen.

1 hour ago

I think it sucks :P

1 hour ago


19 minutes ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on tbone51's wall:

I just got Alpha Sapphire!

Can you trade me a Gible egg? :)

Surprisingly i have no ORAS! Oh and dont have my 3ds on me atm. Srry :-/

1 day ago


1 day ago

Thanks anyways!

1 day ago

srry bro!

1 day ago

It's okay :)

1 day ago

< tak13 posted something on tbone51's wall:

HOLY COW!We are getting a smash bros bundle for 230 euros in Greece!Finally,I will buy my european wii u!

I was so desperate,wii u is quite expensive here and there aren't many offers or no offers.:P

So this bundle will release in the whole Europe or in european countries except the big three.:P

Ah!Along with it,you get a free amiibo of your choice!:p

5 days ago

< Kerotan posted something on tbone51's wall:

Seen my first advert today with the Wii U featured. Well first this year at least. Ninty really hate advertising this thing though. It was a YouTube pre roll BTW.

Wat systems do you have?

5 days ago

PS4, PS3 and PSvita. Vita was a present I didn't want and I've only ever used it to play PS1 classics lmao. Such a shit system gaming wise for my tastes haha.

5 days ago

Eh!Kerotan,presents are presents,we should appreciate them whatever they are.
I know it's hard in you care but try.:P

5 days ago

i would of sold it but for the fact i'd feel bad selling a present. i even told the person who got it i didn't want a vita when it was first announced haha. likeā‚¬250 of PSN credit would have been so much better!

5 days ago

Dayum. You seem to like Sony alot! You should tink about a 3ds?

5 days ago

3ds? my sisters went through about 10 of the original DS between the 3 that played them. i used to play the odd game but was never a fan of handheld or mobile gaming. Only time i'd ever have wanted a handheld device for gaming was when i was in primary school. all the kids had gameboy colours (i think) and played pokemon at lunch everyday. made me so jealous i wasn't bought one haha

5 days ago

< tak13 posted something on tbone51's wall:

Have you ever tried to read neogaf's npd thread?Excessively and many venomous comments against wii u or nintendo that aren't being moderated...Plus the inaccurate and groundless conclusions that the most make there!

Everybody hates nintendo :0

6 days ago

even ninty fans hate nintendo!

5 days ago

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Nintendo is bragging about their high quality games :P

in Nintendo Discussion 16 minutes ago

Ali_16x said: Wow they actually included the 3DS, thats just fucking stupid. EDIT: LOL they also counted X and Y as seperate....LOL.... Whats wrong with 3DS games? I agree on XY, same game....

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Will 3DS reach 50m by 2015?

in Nintendo Discussion 20 minutes ago

Seece said: So 3DS stands at 47.9m, 2.1m to go before it hits the big 50.If we look at the rises and drops 3DS experienced each week going forward this time last year, the next 4 weeks should see 2.265m 3DS's sold.Meaning it'll surpass 50m by 165k.But is 3DS overtracked (as has been the case lately)? Will it slide down/rise lower % wise this year?It will be close either way!!! Is...

Write 24

From Official "Only" #s: Pokemon ORAS Sits At a Minimum of 4.33mil SOLD! Possibly Way Over 5.30mil Currently...

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

4.33mil official #s and vgc puts all other numbers close to 1mil (missing countries + 2nd/3rd weeks of other countries...


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