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    How Rich are You on a Global Scale?

    in Politics Discussion on 27 April 2018 by TalonMan

    I honestly don't think that calculator is very accurate - you're telling me that $80k a year (US) puts you in the top ".1%"??? No freakin' way - that just can't be possible... ...

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    Which 8th Gen Game Is Your Favourite So Far? 2018 Edition!

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2018 by SanAndreasX

    Breath of the Wild. /8thgen...

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    I'm back. Also I bought a Switch.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 March 2018 by ironmanDX

    Just as the ps3 sales leave the main site.... This guy shows up? Hmm..... Curious....   ...

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    What Country are you from?

    in General Discussion on 27 January 2018 by CaptainExplosion

    Canada, but I'm a surprisingly aggressive for a Canadian....

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    Which 8th Gen Game Is Your Favourite So Far? Mid 2017 Edition!

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 August 2017 by mZuzek

    meOwMiXmUnCHiEZz said: the wii u was my favorite console out of the ps4/x1/wii u and i would say my favorite game is super metroid on the virtual console I just......

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    Do we have any LEGO fans here?

    in General Discussion on 17 February 2017 by LivingMetal

    archer9234 said: Yeah, I do. But, I only buy original Lego sets. Nothing based of licenses. While the M Falcon set is amazing. It's still a property I can buy as a normal display model. I go for Lego's stuff they create. I have most of my childhood sets. And a few newer ones. Mainly technic. I love assembling 2000 piece planes and boats. If anyone cares. I made a timelapse video of a set:...

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    What Are You Buying? 2.0

    in Sony Discussion on 08 September 2016 by Platina

    The PS4 is really cheap now, but I still want to play PS3 games so the PS3 is the one I will get...

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    Which 8th Gen Game Is Your Favourite So Far? Mid 2016 Edition!

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 August 2016 by Teeqoz

    Ratchet & Clank!...

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    inFAMOUS or inFAMOUS 2? Who ya got?

    in Sony Discussion on 25 May 2016 by PotentHerbs

    Going with the original here. ...

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    Nintendo NX Name

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 May 2016 by Platina

    Nintendo X Hence N X :p...

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    What unnancounced game are you hoping gets revealed soon?

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 April 2016 by Chris1596

    Probably will be a new inFamous, a new Red Dead or Borderlands 3 (now I know it's Gearbox's next project)...

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    Reggie Fils-Aime now on Twitter, confirms that he leaves Nintendo of America

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 April 2016 by Lonely_Dolphin

    Aprils Fools is already over for most of the world, so I say we can stop posting in these threads now....

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    When Should I be Looking Into Purchasing a 4K TV?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 March 2016 by Rain2

    Azuren said: Samsung TVs rely on over-saturation and over-bloom in order to draw attention away from lack of color depth and detail. Not only that, but Sony TVs are going to have both the better upscaling and better noise algorithms, meaning playing 1080p content on it will look far and away superior to its Samsung equivalent. As far as 4K content is concerned, the Samsung's are going...

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    How Old Are You?

    in General Discussion on 08 February 2016 by ctk495

    23 I started my Vgchartz career at 14....

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    How much have you spent on amiibo, Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions, Skylander characters?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 February 2016 by SecondWar

    0.00 I spend enough on gaming without converting to these types of games. Not that I have anything against them, I thing it's a good concept, especially for younger gamers but I just want to stick to my preferred genres....

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    Yoshi and Lego join wii u small but select 1 million sellers! Update!! Pikmin 3 joins the crowd 26/12/15

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 February 2016 by Nogamez

    Well yoshi wooly world officially I'm million sellers club. 1.69 million. Not bad, better then I expected!...

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    What's your dream job?

    in General Discussion on 28 January 2016 by Wright

    PixelPerfect said: Not that great at it, since I have a hard time creating good ideas.  I enjoy writing a lot though   Well, never give up....

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    Do you smoke ( tobacco)?

    in General Discussion on 28 January 2016 by slab_of_bacon

    I quit cigarettes when a pack of reds hit 3 dollars... I still enjoy a cigar now and then though....

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    Where are you all from?

    in General Discussion on 21 January 2016 by MartinRO

    I'm from France ! I was born and raised in Paris but i now lived in Toulouse in the south. Also lived one year in Taiwan...

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    What little known "gems" have you shoveled from the shite on PSN?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 January 2016 by SnakeDrake

    Monsterbag a fun adventure point and click type game with good puzzles charming animations seriously watching the cut scenes was like watching a really nice cartoon also has emotional moments. Any pixel juck game is a true masterpiece XD ...

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