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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Mnementh said:

Last chance for game #31:


a) The king becomes consumed by the rot.

b) The tribes try to take control from the king and compete with each other.

c) This indie game is basically a tabletop game with cards and dice realized as a computer-game.

d) Play a character from the Wolf-clan, Rat-clan, Rabbit-clan or Bear-clan fighting for the throne.

31 is Armello?

Mnementh said:

And Final Fantasy X had with Blitzball the probably best minigame ever in a RPG. I had a lot of fun just playing Blitzball. Once I learned how to be good at it.

It's funny you mention Blitzball, because a lot of how I rank Final Fantasy games has to do with their option content like Mini-games and post game content.  I know at one point I went through FFX and played as much Blitzball as I possibly could.  I do remember that being one of the best parts of the game.

Also, I really love this game because of Auron.  He's one of my favorite FF characters.  

#31 is indeed Armello. Good, it was guessed before I post it.

And yes, Blitzball was great. I wouldn't mind too much this being a game itself. But embedded into the story and gameplay of FFX it obviously is even better. And yeah, Auron is cool.

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