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Liquid_faction said:
People need to stop and think before bashing on EA (I know it's fun guys, and in most cases they deserve it) Porting EA's biggest franchises into a Switch would require much more resources and money than porting a game like Minecraft, that can run on a toaster.

EA is a big publisher with a lot of franchises. EA did FIFA (and this time only a roster upgrade), Fe and Unravel - and that's it. Sure, the new Star Wars game is probably not going to be ported over. But The Sims? More small games under their umbrella (that's what Fe and Unravel are) like Sea of Solitude? A Way Out? Some of their mobile stuff (you know like Bethesda bringing ES Blades, Fallout Shelter and ES Legends to Switch)? Other sport games besides FIFA like Madden? Need for Speed (which was on WiiU)? Aport of an older game like Dragon Age or Mass Effect?

Nothing of that would be hard to port.

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