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TomaTito said:
Mandalore76 said:

For me, every time I posted to Miiverse, I knew that I was posting directly to fellow WiiU (or 3DS) owners.  And it was very easy to tell which people commenting back were playing the same games I was playing.  When it comes to Facebook, the majority of my Facebook friends couldn't care less about gaming (too busy with work, marriage, kids, or all of the above).  So, I'm 100x less likely to post at all now.

In Spain we call this a sea bream conversation. You are talking about your Facebook experience while I mention my Twitter one, both social networks are not the same. You can be anonymous in Twitter while Facebook you need to be yourself. In Twitter you can follow Nintendo minded people and they can follow you back, it's just that all your post are open to the whole internet.

Either way, my point was that a browser is able to open all these online services without the need of waiting for individual apps, and that Nintendo did this already with the WiiU (even made a thread on this in the past). A browser is what the Switch needs

I still have the problem to know which Twitter and Facebook people are the ones I befriended on my Switch.

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