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LivingMetal said:

I'm about to pick up a Switch and probably as early as this weekend.  Buying a Switch was always in the works so it was eventually going to happen.  I just kept putting it off until that "right time."  As I type this post, my daughter is enjoy her last day in school as a field day so she'll be coming home with her final report card.  I promised her we'd get a Switch if she brings home all As for the last 9-week.  Going by previous trends in academic achievement, IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.  So this is not a thread about "Do a buy a Switch or not?" because the answer is "DO."  But may I get any advice or suggestions on what I need to consider?  Here's what I've been thinking so far:

1) I'm eventually going to get a second docking station to we can easily... "switch" between two TYs.

2) I don't see us being very portable with the Switch unless we go on long trips so I still need to consider a carrying case.

3) How often do you need a second set of Joy Cons?

4) The games that mainly interest her are Smash, Arms, Pokemon Go Eevee, Mario Cart 8.

5) Games that I'm interested in are Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Shin Megami Tensei, JRPGs

6) SD Card advice

I'll flesh things out more as we discuss. Thanks, all.

First of all congratulations for your excellent purchase. I have a lot of fun with the device, and I am sure you will as well.

As you buy the device for your daughter, but will play without a doubt yourself too I recommend creating different profiles and also recomment activating the excellent parental controls. You download a free app for your phone and connect it with your Switch, then you can regulate in the app stuff like play-time, age-restrictions on games, online and purchases in the eshop, while still be able to overwrite it with a pin-code. The app also allows you to see much better how much and what was played than the internal stats showed in the profile on the system itself.

1) Are additional docks available? If the price is OK and you plan to use multiple TVs, this might be a good idea.

2) Mobile usage is more awesome than you might think. You are on holiday breaks in hotel or something like this, then the ability to use the Switch is gold. A carrying case might be good if you fear for scratches or something. A cheap one will do though.

3) Depending on the games. I think stuff like Mario Kart you can play each with one Joy-Con, so two people can play out of the box. For Arms you need a double set of Joycons for each player. Or a Pro controller. Consider getting a Pro Controller, as this is pretty good. With an additional Pro Controller three people can play Mario Kart (Two each with a Joycon and one with the Pro-Controller) and two people can play Arms. If you still need more, you can go with more Joycons.

4) Seem like good choices to me. All for can be played with two people (Smash and Kart with more), all seem to me as adult kid friendly. You might consider Katamari Damacy for her and you, it seems like fun for both kids and adults alike and is one of the greatest games ever.

5) Get Zelda. Period. No one should not get Zelda. I hear Mario Odyssey is good too, so if you a fan of Jump&Runs you can probably do nothing wrong with it. Probably Mario also works for your daughter. There is no Metroid and Shin Megami Tensei yet released. If you like JRPGs, you should consider Octopath traveler, as long as you think the graphics are not too cheap. Also the old Final Fantasy titles are still great in my opinion. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is also a pretty good choice, more real time and open world though. Also you should get Okami, not an JRPG, but always a good choice.

6) Each one available will not be enough if you start purchasing indies from the eshop. There are so many great indies. But you don't need to buy one right away. The Switch has internal memory that lasts you for one week or so, so use the time to look through the eshop, mark the titles you want on your wishlist and look how big they are. This should give you an idea how big an SD card you will need.

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