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Some posters make it look, like you have to be a fan of nasty illegal stuff to criticize Sony for this. You are not. Let me be crystal clear here: nobody in this thread endorses disgusting, illegal, horrific content.
But let me state one other thing: if Sony only wanted to remove illegal dumpster fires from their platform, they wouldn't need a policy at all, they would just enforcing what the laws mandate. But they need a policy. This obviously means they want to remove legal stuff.
If you are the opinion some stuff is so nasty it should not be distributed, push for a law extension to outlaw this content. Laws are in most countries made through a democratic process and have a lot of considerations brought forward. Not that the process of making laws is without flaws, but I know it is certainly better than ... the managers of a big multinational corporation making arbitrary decisions for all their customers and business partners. Because this is the core of the issue here: some men in power decide over what others can or cannot do, while avoiding democratic process and discussion.

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