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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Mnementh said:
You get things wrong. These five stages are designed for a single event taking place and not fitting the worldview one holds. You can't apply it to Nintendo as a whole, as Nintendo produces events all the time. You can't even apply it to something like: "Switch is a big success", as this may vary in single years. 2017 was a good launch, 2018 was not so big except at the end. 2019 may be different again. These phases are really for single events. So maybe something like: Switch sold in December 5 million in the US (or whatever it sold).

Perhaps the "5 stages" work for both groups?  

Nintendo releases Wii.  Haters go through the "5 stages" until they realize that the Wii is going to be the most successful console.
Nintendo releases Wii U.  Fans go through the "5 stages" until they realize the Wii U is a dud.
Nintendo releases Switch.  Haters go through the "5 stages" again.

It's an endless Nintendo love/hate cycle of acceptance.

Yeah, that works. Nintendo fans certainly needed to accept the failure of the WiiU. I watched this on myself.

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