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Pillertriller said:
Mnementh said:

Ah, you count financial years, I looked at calendar years and ignored the launch if it happened in November or December. 2014 has WiiU more than 2013. But whatever, either way peaking in the first year is the exception, not the rule.

There are no rules for console sales. You doing your job good and you have good sales like playstation. Nintendo does its job good too, but only for nintendo fans. Now its the question how many Nintendo Fans are out there? I dont think there are more than 40 millons. 

Playstation does a good job, but only for Sony fans?

Statements like these are ridiculous. Wii, DS and 3DS all sold more than 40 millions. If you choose that these all are Nintendo fans, than there are more than 40M. If you choose they are not, Nintendo can do a good job outside the Nintendo fanbase. Looking alone at this forum with a lot of people saying Switch is the first Nintendo system they got since <Gamecube/N64/SNES>, I tend to think this sells outside the core Nintendo fanbase. But whatever, no console sales ever fell completely from a cliff. They petered out. With the current momentum Switch will probably sail past 40M.

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