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mornelithe said:
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Sorry but I find this EXTREMELY hard to believe, since 64,968 hours is equal to 2,707 days, which again is equal to roughly seven and a half years of gametime, which I personally see as complete and utter bullshit, unless you can actually prove it to me... although these days it's way too easy to use an image editing program and change things, my brother tried to kid his friend that he'd spent over 10,000 hours on World of Warcraft when his playtime was in fact only around 300 hours... yet after he'd edited it in photoshop it looked like a completely legit screenshot, and he's only 12, so it can't be too hard to do.

It's a mud that's been in operation since 1991 (that I've played since 1991).  It's text-based, and since it requires next to nothing in system resources, I've simply left the application open and logged in for...well, quite some time now.  I met a ridiculous amount of people on that game back when it was actually active...120-150 a day during peak hours, so the nostalgia factor rocks, and the off-chance some random old face stops in, it's cool to catch up and see where everyone is in life.

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Hmm, finger mornelithe@realmsmud doesn't work, maybe our muds don't have intermud-connection or the id of the mud is different then realmsmud. Anyways, I don't have 2.7K days, only 300:

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It's nice that a few mudders are still in existance.

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