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Title should say rumor instead or report.

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Title updated until we have confirmation.


That would be an Epic middle finger to MS after that whole friendly thing between them and Nintendo. But hey, that makes so much sense tho.
Hopefully they keep the same name to generate hype and controversy. You can really say they would work hard on the game to make it perfect just to take a revenge on microsoft lol.

shikamaru317 said:
SjOne said:
This rumor is bunk. Microsoft owns the copyright

Plus Nintendo has nothing to gain by resurrecting this dead game when they could have Platinum make a new game like Astral Chain that doesn’t have any of the preestablished baggage

From what I'm reading, MS owns the copyright but let the trademark slip by failing to submit an intent of use report before the deadline. So Nintendo could use the Scalebound name since it is no longer trademarked, but the game would need to be restarted from scratch with fairly significant changes to the characters and story in order to avoid any legal issues.

They'd get brownie points with some people simply for reviving a game that "evil" Microsoft cancelled. Could also convince some Xbox fans who were excited for Scalebound to buy a Switch.

That is if Nintendo (or, while unlikely, Platinum Games) didn't secretly buy the IP from Microsoft. Might also have been a price for Microsoft to pay for the collaboration of the 2 companies, and since they weren't using it anyway...

thismeintiel said: 

It's probably Kamiya's way of giving MS the finger.  Make the game the way he wants, plus use the same name so they know.  And it'll be even more sweet for him if it's a success, as it would prove to that he was right about what the game should have been in the first place.  

Well its kinda funny because if MS let the trademark go than clearly they dont give a flying f@#$.

In saying that, the fallout between MS and Platinum was rumoured to be about Platium failing to exceed deadlines (deadlines dont just mean launch date, but game progession meetings etc) so take it how you will.

I wouldnt be suprised if MS give the assets they own to a more reliable studio, maybe one of there recently owned ones and finish what was started.

For me, i couldnt careless. Scalebound never had me interested.

I might pick it up on the Switch if they change the direction. Ill wait and see.

Pinkie_pie said:
Xbox fans wouldnt be happy thats for sure.

Why? If they had the option of it forever being cancelled or available on another platform im sure they would choose the latter 

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animegaming said:
shikamaru317 said:

One thing is for sure, if it is in development, we won't see it for years. Up until a few weeks ago Platinum's 206 devs were developing 4 different games; Astral Chain, Bayo 3, Babylon's Fall, and Granblue. Platinum finished their work on Granblue just a few weeks ago, so maybe that team is now moving on to work on a Scalebound reboot, but if that is the case I wouldn't expect to see it release before late 2021 or 2022, as they would need to start from scratch since MS owns all existing Scalebound assets.

Astral Chain is slated to release at the end of August, perhaps work on it is mostly done and it is that team is moving on to this. 

Most 2D artists (safe for some texture experts maybe) and some programmers should be done with their work on Astral Chain by now, and probably most 3D artists, too. They need some work while the rest is finishing up Astral Chain. While some will probably be shifted to Bayonetta 3 or to the mobile games (Platinum Games are apparently developing 2 games for iOS/Android right now), I'm sure not all of them can be employed on those considering they are already in advanced development by now. So some new project(s) make sense, and if Platinum can get Scalebound back, or, like I said earlier, Nintendo as a prize for their collaboration with Microsoft - which would then also make sense as to why no PS4 version, although that could be as payback for being kicked out of GranBlue Fantasy development 2 weeks ago. Speaking of this, the developers who were working on GranBlue also need something else to work on now, making Platinum Games starting a new or rebooting an old project even more likely.

Imagine if this is true and Scalebound, Bayo 3, and Astral Chain all deliver on the qaulity front. It would be akin to the Nintendo/Rare glory days in terms of another dev delivering one great exclusive after the other for Ninetendo.

Can you imagine the flamewars that would happen if this became true? XD

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Jranation said:
Pinkie_pie said:
Xbox fans wouldnt be happy thats for sure.

Why? If they had the option of it forever being cancelled or available on another platform im sure they would choose the latter 

Most would choose the former. Thats just the way it is.