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Oh yeah it's coming out next week after all! Sorry! XD

Boutros said:
tbone51 said:

PS4: Udertracked by a good amount
X1: I think thts about right
WiiU: over by maybe 10k
3ds: i can see 127k so i think its spot on.
Vita: OVERTRACKED. Last month was less than 6k and this month its 12k+? No way especially with ps tv coming next month. My guess less than 6k again

SSB 3DS i bet has 500k sold
HW: seems right.

Seems overtracked by 25,714 to me :p

i would laugh so hard. Dont wrry when i win, i'll be nice :0

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Personally, I think the PS4 is going to be closer to 500K, if not more. I also think the Destiny sales ratio between the PS4 and XBO is going to be a little larger than ~1.26:1, including the bundle. I'd think closer to 1:4:1.

I thought this was a bit early...

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Is someone going to start an estimate thread? Or have I missed it somehow?


The PS5 Exists. 

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Hey Boutros, you might want to put "PS4 #1" in the title, because that is really important information.

On another note, if VGC has the Xbox One at only 250k for five weeks in the USA, how did the system manage to sell 500k+ worldwide in September? Tier 2 country launches in mainland Europe and Japan can't have added much while the previous baseline outside of the USA and UK was atrocious.

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