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drake_tolu said:
TechnoHobbit said:



Thanks... and how much have sold the NPD of first October-November-December 2000 (not combinet) and first month of 2001 (even in this case, not combinate)

We don't know since NPD didn't start doing monthly reports until June 2001 :(


1. If the Wii U sells closer to 10 million LTD by 1/3/2015 I win. If it sells closer to 9.5 million LTD by 1/3/2015 OfficerRaichu15 wins (winner gets 2 weeks of avatar control)--Lost.

prinz_valium said:
CosmicSex said:

remember february.

xbox one just 25k behind ps4.

it was out of nowhere

imho xbox is not easy to guess this month.

neither the ps4 ofc.

That makes it more exciting though.  One thing I would love to know is what percentage of the Destiny PS4 sales were bundles.   There is a situation (however unlikely) where the standalone PS4 Destiny sales are lower than the standalone Xbox One Destiny SKUs.  

In my honestly opinion... Wii U is undertracked.
Last month was overtracked, and i have expect this (i have predict 68K whe VGC have said +80K); but this NPD...
Have sold around 15K on week last month, and for VGChartz in TWO week have sold less?
I think that Wii U was a 16-17K basis this month, and with Hyrule Warrior's 40% boost, so 22-25K the week of 27 September.
So, i predict between 90K and 100K Wii U this month, 85K in the wors scenario.

Even the PS4 number are massive undertracked in my opinion...

XBOX ONE for me is overtraked the week of Destiny, but is undertracked the final week of month. Don't know if is undertracked or overtracked...

Tagging for tagging sake.

Going to be an interesting week as we roll on towards the xmas period.

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

tbone51 said:

PS4: Udertracked by a good amount
X1: I think thts about right
WiiU: over by maybe 10k
3ds: i can see 127k so i think its spot on.
Vita: OVERTRACKED. Last month was less than 6k and this month its 12k+? No way especially with ps tv coming next month. My guess less than 6k again

SSB 3DS i bet has 500k sold
HW: seems right.

72K Wii U this month...

So, you predict 14,500 on week, when last NPD have sold 15,000 on week?

prinz_valium said:
CosmicSex said:
Its hard to imagine a situation where the PS4 isn't close to double the Xbox 1.
But I also believe the Xbox One is easier to guess. I would say 285k

So in total:
Xbox One 285
PS4 510k

remember february.

xbox one just 25k behind ps4.

it was out of nowhere



imho xbox is not easy to guess this month.

neither the ps4 ofc.

No it wasn't.


My Predictions (Month of September);
PS4 undertracked: 450k
Xbox One undertracked: 290k
Wii U about correct: 80k

Software wise all looks beliveable. Forza Horizons 2 is interesting as It was only on sale for 1 day in September. Could be a 2 million seller soon.


You go Vita, show Wii how it's done.

And show PS3 and PS4 where they can shove their tactical RPG's too!

What kind of Vita boost are people expecting in October with PlayStation TV debut?