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I was looking the Destiny sales and it looks on spot or even under based in how much all platforms sold...

> 2500k

2500k :: 825k + 300k = 1125k
2700k :: 891k + 300k = 1191k
3000k :: 990k + 300k = 1290k

Very pleased with these numbers. Good to see terrible review sites can't bring down legitimately good games (Destiny) or fatten up poor games (the car one).

Thanks jlmurph!

Just getting back and stunned by just how strong PS4 is going. X1 really came hard this month with ads and promotions and Sony still won in Microsoft's main market. If the trends don't reverse by next year the US looks to be PS4 land with the rest of the world.

So why didn't the Vita sales been patched?

over 500.000 for ps4 ? amazing!

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