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14 RPGs over 70 for the Xbox 360
12 RPGs over 70 for the PS3

Overall the number is pretty close.

However the Xbox 360 has a WRPG bias and they will get one console and one full exclusive this year with Mass Effect 2 and Fable 3.

The PS3 has a JRPG bias and they have a couple of big JRPGs for this year as well as some old Xbox 360 RPGs.

In the near future the numbers will stay the same however the bias of the different consoles will sway further towards whichever is strongest now so more WRPGs for the Xbox 360 and more JRPGs for the PS3.

Since the WRPG market as a whole seems to be bigger than the JRPG with numberous 2M+ selling titles then I guess you could say even if the number of titles evens up the Xbox 360 still holds the greater slice of the overall RPG market.

Does that sound right to you guys?

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I have enjoyed games on both HD systems.

Xbox360: Mass effect, Lost Odyssesy, Blue Dragon
PS3: Valkyria Chronicles, Folklore,

There are several good games now that have come out for both systems as well: Dragon Age, ToV, Eternal Sonata, and Sacred 2 for example.

PS3 wins with game spot's GOTY Demons Souls.

360's got some RPG's but most of them are trash like Lost Odyssey.

I also added the upcoming RPGs to the first post.......and the PS3 has alot for now, I hope mistwalker will announce something nice for the 360 this year.


Lost Odyssey it's a decent jRPG. Why you say it's trash?

Anyway, my choise for RPGs this generation is the Xbox 360. I don't really see a big diference now that PS3 is getting some of the same jRPGs that 360 has. But sinse there is not a big diference, i'm good with 360 only. Also, a new jRPG from Feelplus/ Mistwalker is coming to 360, and that a big plus for me.
WRPG wise the choose is beetwen Xbox 360 and PC.

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numonex said:
360 = WRPG king.
PS3 = JRPG king.

It all depends on whether you prefer WRPGs or JRPGs.

Unless you count running PS1 games, how does the PS3 come out on top in regards to JRPGs?  The PS3 has less of them, and also has the top game in the strategy RPG (Valk. Chron.).

In the end, it is entirely possible we will look at the Wii being the top console for JRPGs.  As of now, the DS (followed by the PSP) are the game systems of choice for JRPGs.  Home consoles haven't been that strong for JRPGs.

Microsoft made an active effort to target JRPGs this generation, while locking down WRPGs as being sufficient on the 360.  I believe Sony took things for granted and thought it could capture the FPS and racing niches this generation, but really didn't succeed (in short, go after what the 360 had as strengths). 

Ghazi4 said:
slowmo said:
Look at the exclusives that matter most on each console for you and its easy to see who wins, there is no outright winner possible. Final Fantasy fans by default will pick PS3 for Versus, Mass Effect and Fable fans will go 360 for example (excuse me the fact that Mass Effect is only console exclusive for now).

mass effect isnt console exclusive watcha sayin??


In the first sentence I stated the term "exclusives" then in my example after that I listed Mass Effect which isn't a "exclusive" it is a "console exclusive".  The reason I made the clarification is because mods are banning people for not specifying one or the other term properly, probably because they're sick of people trolling off topic constantly bickering when the term exclusive is used on this site.  Sorry for the confusion.

numonex said:
360 = WRPG king.
PS3 = JRPG king.

It all depends on whether you prefer WRPGs or JRPGs.

Er, maybe if you live in Japan.  I can't imagine an American JRPG enthusiast wanting to miss out on 360's better western exclusives though (Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia, The Last Remnant) and it's getting the majority of multiplatform RPGs in the future too (FFXIII, Resonance of Fate, etc).

PS3 seems to have an advantage in subgenres like SRPGs (Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 3) or ARPGs (Demon's Souls, 3D Dot Game Heroes), but for purebred JRPGs it's definitely trailing 360 in America.

I wont crown either the king but will say it was nice to see the 360 do so well with RPG's I love them and the 360 is always said to be the shooter box but this clearly shows they are into RPG's.  Personally looking forward to Fallout new Vegas and Alpha Protocol

PS3, WII and 360 all great systems depends on what type of console player you are.

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I play my WRPGs on PC, so PS3 wins for me. Would be total annihilation if it wasn't for Lost Odyssey...

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