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PC is the king for btoh. With emulation, you can play most of the JRPG's anyway.

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360 has more rpgs

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Updated February 10


Final Fantasy XIII = 86
Star Ocean : The Last Hope International = 71
White Knight Chronicles = 62

White Knight kinda dissapoints, looks like Star Ocean will get the same score as the 360 version..... and I'm still shocked to see a Final Fantasy under 90..

Updated March 15


Final Fantasy XII = 83
Star Ocean International = 76
White Knight Chronicles = 64
Last Rebellion = 47


Final Fantasy XIII = 84

FF is suprisingly higher on the 360...

KUF Circle of Doom isn't a WRPG, it was developed in Korea.

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It's not about quantity. It's about quality. Note that quality is based on User reviews, not ign/psm/whatever magazine.

forevercloud3000 said:

Ive Played Blue Dragon, plays and looks like Dragon Quest(which i despise). 

You've either not played BD, not played any DQ, or not played either.  Outside being traditional JRPGs and Toriyama art, they're literally nothing alike.

Blue Dragon actually has more in common with FF than DQ imo.  Hell, it takes FFV's job system wholesale.